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Yekeh Constituents Support House’s Decision

By Bill W. Cooper
Several individuals under the banner ‘Advocates for Transparency and Accountability’ (DATA) believed to be residents from District 10 in Montserrado County have petitioned the House of Representatives buttressing that body’s decision to suspend their lawmaker, Yekeh Kolubah.
DATA’s chairperson, Calvin R. Summon read, “We have come without fear or favor to support, appreciate, welcome and endorse the suspension of Rep. Kolubah.”
According to him, they as residents of the district wholeheartedly welcome the decision of the lawmakers for taking such disciplinary action against their representative something which he said will now restore and sustain national values and societal morals.
The DATA chairperson further indicated that the move by the lawmaker to suspend one of their colleagues is a right direction with the objective to provide him the opportunity to re-examine himself and subsequently desist from his alleged attitude.
Meanwhile, the acclaimed District 10 residents have also condemned other lawmakers whom accordingly did not vote in favor of the suspension of Rep. Kolubah emphasizing, “We believe those lawmakers do not mean well for us as Liberians.”
The group is at the same time calling on the public, national and international diplomats including religious communities among others not to officially do business with the District 10 lawmaker while he is serving his suspension, averring, “As doing so will definitely imply that you are an aider and arbiter of crimes, immoralities, rudeness and deviant display of conduct.”
However, political pundits within the perimeters of the Capitol were left to argue if the petitioners were under an influence or whether their action was staged managed as it was observed that Nimba County Representative Gonpue L. Kargon was seen chanting battle cries along with some of the anti-Yekeh petitioners who had assembled on the grounds of the Legislature.
According to the legislative sources, it was the same Rep. Kargon was selected along with Montserrado County District 13 Rep. Edward Flomo to receive the petition from the District 10 lawmaker’s constituents who had gone to support to the House for its decision to Suspend Rep. Kolubah.
Our reporter also added that what appeared strange to many was when Rep. Kargon, upon receiving the petition, was heard chanting, “Zehyo!!! District number 10 say Zehyo; among other things” something which many described as the first of its kind for a lawmaker who had gone to receive a petition against a colleague.
“We are not witch-haunting our colleague but, it is to ensure that the Presidency is respected at all times and we will respond to your petition after we shall have met with the Supreme Court of Liberia,” Rep. Kargon, the Chairperson of the House’s Committee on Claims and Petitions stated after receiving the petition.

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