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The Soonest; The Best

ACCORDING TO THE National Elections Commission (NEC) guidelines, this should be the period of running mates naming and setting up political parties for qualification onward to campaign.RECENTLY, UNITY PARTY'S Joseph Nyumah Boakai took the

Gov’t Must Pay Attention To Land Issues

THERE ARE CONTINUOUS reports linking past and present officials of government to selling of public land which is causing confusion amongst individuals as well as communities and is becoming a recipe for another chaos nationwide.RECENTLY

Politicking, Neither Violence Nor Enmity

ON THURSDAY, 16 March, the University of Liberia (UL) suspended all students’ politics on the campus until further notice. According to the authorities, the suspension comes in the wake of many violent disturbances on the campus.IT ADDED

Critically Periscope The Legislators

The slow pace of sessions at the Legislature is a troubling sign for that august body as the chamber of the House of Representatives was conspicuously empty on Monday, January 16 when the Legislature resumed. Of the 73 members in the

Keep Up The Good Work

IN KEEPING WITH the tradition of this paper, today we are bestowing honors on several individuals and institutions in the country for their worthwhile roles and activities in society during the course of the year under review. The decision