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63% Work On Mansion Completed

Sixty-three percent of the renovation works on the Executive Mansion has been completed while the remaining 37 percent works are ongoing and will be completed before the Independence Day celebration in 2021.
The renovation of the Mansion is as a result of an unfortunate fire incident that occurred about 14 years ago on July, 26, 2005 during the first term Ellen Johnson–Sirleaf as President of Liberia.
However, Madam Ruth Coker-Collins, who serves as Acting Minister and Deputy Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Public Works, told the media yesterday in Monrovia that renovation works are progressing steadily.
She said the work has phase one and two respectively; explaining that phase one is the designs which has been completed while phase two is the installation of the elevators, air-conditions, power system and others which are nearing completion.
Madam Coker-Collins also explained that addition materials to continue work are enroute into the country via sea at the moment but did not state the date of the arrival.
Coker-Collins, who is upbeat on the presidential home renovation works assured the public that the completion and full usage adding, “We are working in accordance with time therefore, if the need be that we work at night to have the job completed in or on time; it will definitely be done.
On July 23, this year, Public Works Minister Mobotu Nyenpan told the media how the ministry has accelerated the renovation process of the Executive Mansion to ensure that it becomes operational in real time.
“This President, who is at the helm of the Executive, will live in that Executive Mansion before the completion of his tenure. I can say with certainty that this President will operate from the Executive Mansion before the expiration of this tenure,” stressed Minister Nyenpan.

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