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Over Court’s Eviction: Residence, Warehouse Set Ablaze In Ganta

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Properties said to be on an alleged disputed parcel of land have been set ablaze in Ganta bringing normal activities to a standstill when a court’s sheriff accompanied by the Emergency Respond Unit (ERU) Police with an eviction notice to the tenants.
According to our reporter, on yesterday, April 20, a sheriff assigned at the 8th Judiciary Circuit Court in Sanniquellie arrived in Ganta backed by the ERU Police with an eviction notice to the occupants of the house located around the Dumpa Field Community in Ganta City, Nimba County.
The exchange between the Police and the tenants created fear among the residents with marketers, and others selling around the Saclepea Parking along the main street left with no alternative but to close their business centers for fear of being attacked or looted though the perpetrator/s of the fire is still unknown.
According to the report gathered by this paper, the area in question was a disputed land between the Suah and the Donzo families for several years and that the court had ruled in favor of the Suah family since in early 2019 and the Donzo family was found guilty for illegally taking over the parcel of land or properties without regard for the Constitution of Liberia.
It is said that since the ruling, the occupants of the house under the watch of the Suah family had refused to abide by the court’s ruling therefore an eviction notice was ordered and the exercise started at about 8:30 A.M on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.
A warehouse in the Dumpa Field Community was also set ablaze and the ERU Police had to block all the main entries into Ganta to prevent the situation from spreading in other areas in the county.
The County Inspector, Mark Gboron, appealed to all parties to remain calm as the Traditional Chief Council and Elders as well as the State securities have assured that the situation will be brought under control.
Meanwhile, all schools operating in the Bain-Garr District are now closed and at about 10:30 A.M. yesterday parents went in search of their children from all schools including the day cares.
Since the rise and fall of Ganta to former LURD rebels in 2003, the Suah family and Donzo family have been fighting for ownership of that parcel of property and that the case took an appeal to the Supreme Court in favor of the Donzo family, but the high court is yet to hand down its judgment into the matter.
This is the second unsuccessful eviction order to be carried out under the watch of the ERU Police after the court rules in a disputed land case as the first eviction was obstructed with violence by the Mandingoes in 2019 who threatened to fight back if anyone attempts to seize their properties around the Dumpa Field in Ganta.

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