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Women Group Demands Justice

By Precious Freeman
Dozens of women recently protested on the grounds of the Temple of Justice demanding justice for a lady who was allegedly flogged by a police officer named Emmanuel Tosieh.
Mariama Sherriff said the incident occurred on July 21, 2018 around 4: 00 A.M. when she was awakened by noise from her backyard and then went to where the noise was from.
According to her, she did not see anyone, so she sat outside and in a twinkle of an eye suddenly saw someone she later identified as her neighbor who is now the alleged perpetrator whom she accused of referring to as a witch because she was sitting outside that early hour.
She explained that it was at that time he started beating her with a broomstick thereby inflicting serious bleeding wounds on her body.
Speaking to a team of journalists at the grounds of the Temple of Justice, the women accused officer Tosieh of threatening to kill the lady therefore she took him to the Professional Standard Division of the LNP.
The group of women confirmed that the situation led to the suspension of the officer for 11 months after which he was reinstated, but alleged that the officer continues to burglarize the home of the lady and even destroy her local business.
Meanwhile the victim said her matter is before the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice and the Gender Ministry for redress because all efforts made to get justice from the Liberia National Police about his persistent threat on her life have proven fruitless.

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