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Bridging Liberia’s Digital Gap:231Data Launches Free Computer Training Program

By Bill W. Cooper
The 231Data, a Liberian IT company, has commenced a month-long free digital transformation training program in Paynesville, Liberia, aimed at ensuring Liberia becomes a computer-literate society.
The initiative, which formed part of the Liberia Digital Transformation Project, is being supported by the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), specifically catering to Liberians aged 11 to 35.
The milestone initiative was inaugurated over the weekend, January 2, 2024, at the Christian Bible Faith Mission School in Paynesville, as it is also intended to equip participants with essential digital skills.
Speaking to a team of journalists during the beginning of the program, 231Data CEO, Niahson Porte, pointed out that the program serves as a pilot project to gather data, crucial for devising a comprehensive, long-term digital skills education in Liberia.
This, he noted, “Our objective is to narrow the digital divide in Liberia by providing a significant segment of the population, particularly women and youth, with fundamental digital skills.”
Porte maintained, “This initiative also targets individuals aged 11 to 35, encompassing youth, women, and PEMPEM drivers, recognizing their need for basic digital proficiency.”
The current training comprises 2 two-hour sessions per day for two weeks, each accommodating 15 trainees, utilizing Microsoft training modules, previously adopted in the UK, Ghana, and Nigeria, among other countries.
Covering six modules on introductory computer topics, the program aims to empower participants with basic computer skills within the one-month period, with the goal to train 60 individuals, enhancing their digital capabilities during this period, and eventually scale to reach 10,000 individuals across the country over the next two years.
The 231Data CEO expressed his gratitude to Minister Worlea Dunah of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications; Madam Edwina Crump Zackpah, Chairperson of the LTA, and Abdullah Kamara, the CEO of Tamma Corporation, for their respective roles and collaboration with 231Data in laying the groundwork for an overall digital transformation strategy.
He further expressed his institution’s intentions to expand partnerships with other institutions, legislators, local authorities, and international organizations, to bolster the nationwide digital transformation drive.
Porte also spoke of his hope to secure funding to provide computers and broaden the training scope, urging county officials to facilitate training spaces, thereby initiating digital education centers across the country.
He added that he foresees continued training for users with little or no digital skills to more advanced users, fostering a continuous cycle of digital skill development and knowledge.
He further underscored the correlation between a digitally skilled populace and economic advancement, citing the potential for Liberia to achieve the same success that other countries achieved during their respective digital transformation journeys.

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