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“Beware Of Secret Enemies Within!” …173rd Day Orator Tells Weah

By Alex Yomah
Liberia’s 173rd National Independence Day Orator, Simeon Dunbar, has reminded President George Weah of being beware of what he referred to as ‘Secret enemies within’ his administration.
“Mr. President, while it is true that you are faced with a very difficult task of leading a mysterious nation like ours, we would also like to encourage you to lead by example and be wise and decisive in your leadership. Don’t let these people spoil your government for you with ill advices,” the 173rd National Day orator stated.
In a speech many termed as saying ‘truth to power’ delivered at the Ministerial Complex on Monday, Dr. Dunbar advised, “Don’t be overly concerned about your opposition but rather your social contract with the people and be concerned of your secret enemies who parade as friends around you.”
He further urged the government saying, “Be careful of who you allow in your inner court. Be open up to ideas from wise technocrats who are well experienced and possess some measures of the fear of God. Be courageous and strong as our captain and lead this team to its noble destination,”
“We need to revisit our organic laws and change what ought to be changed, repeal those that need to be repealed and implement those that need to be implemented, but do not tamper with our core values as a God-fearing nation and the vision of our founding fathers. foundation Matters),” he told the President.
Meanwhile, the national day’s orator is also proposing a death penalty for rapists and called on President Weah to look into the issue pointing out that the continuous cries for justice of innocent girls are more pressing reasons for President Weah to seize the issues of rape.
“Rape is perpetrated by inhumane men who claim to be citizens of this God-fearing nation. It is sad and it needs to stop! If that means introducing the death penalty on these evil perpetrators, so let it be” Rev. Dunbar stated.
“Mr. President, the people who elected you as their Commander-In-Chief of this great nation do not have to get on the street and protest before you take an action; it is beyond sickening that while the people of Liberia are battling COVID-19, we have to deal with reoccurring cases of rape of teenagers and babies who haven’t even learned to talk” Dunbar proposed.
However, Dr. Dunbar used the occasion to propose for government to redefine the national agenda to redefine with clear-cut vision, achievable, both in the long and short term’ adding, “Make people-oriented policies that will redirect funds to the agricultural and production sector, thereby creating jobs throughout rural Liberia. Strengthen diplomatic relations with friendly nations like Israel and the EU nations.”

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