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LCPS To Become Hospital-Based Program -Dr. Harris Discloses As Liberia Hosts Historic 23rd WAPMC Forum

For the first time since the establishment of the West African Postgraduate Medical College (WAPMC) in 1972, Liberia through the Liberia College of Physicians and Surgeons (LCPS) had the opportunity to host the organization’s 23rd meeting of the Forum in Monrovia on August 5, 2019. This meeting is convened periodically in order to allow heads of postgraduate colleges across West Africa to compare notes on activities, progress and ways to overcome bottlenecks that would stand in the way of improving the health sector of member countries.
The meeting of the forum brought together the Presidents, Secretaries-General, Rector and Registrar of the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons (GCPS), Liberian College of Physicians and Surgeons (LCPS), the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (NPMCN), the West African College of Surgeons (WACS) and the West African College of Physicians (WACP).
Speaking at the opening of the meeting, the President of LCPS, Dr. Benjamin L. Harris said the health sector across West Africa and beyond is faced with “unique and extreme challenges” which require the holistic involvement of all professionals in the area to confront.
Dr. Harris also stated that data from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that of the twenty (20) countries in the world with the highest mortality rate, nineteen (19) of these countries are in Sub Sahara Africa and nine are from West Africa. In terms of neonatal mortality, he sighed that West Africa did not perform well adding that sub Sahara Africa accounts for more than 90% of deaths resulting from malaria which is very common.
“When we look at the six (6) countries with worst scores, two of them are in West Africa. We must confront these challenges with renewed vigor and commitment,” the LCPS President emphasized.
He pointed out that healthcare professionals should explore new ideas and best practices and translate these practices into sustainable programs as well as become advocates for health in their respective countries. “We are a resource constraint- a resource limited area of the world. However, it becomes our duties and our obligation to the world to become advocates for health, thereby ensuring better health related outcomes across the region,” Dr. Harris stressed.
The LCPS President informed his colleagues that the Liberia College of Physicians and Surgeons is a small institution that is making significant strides. “I wish to inform you that we are in the process of transforming ourselves from a college-based program to a hospital based program since the beginning of postgraduate medical training in Liberia, 2013.
Also, Dr. Benetta Collins-Andrews, Assistant Secretary General of LCPS, informed newsmen that when the college started in Liberia, there were only fifteen (15) clinical specialists in Liberia. This number, according to the Liberian Paediatric Doctor, has increase to forty-five (45) to date.
She said joining the West Africa Postgraduate Medical College comes with sitting rigorous international exams. “Out of the over 200 doctors who sat the exams in 2018, sixty-six (66) passed including six (6) Liberians,” Dr. Collins-Andrews disclosed. She was among the Liberians who came out with flying colors.
At the end of the meeting of the forum, members of the organization issued a communiqué indicating that prospective fellows in training from Liberia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia are unable to take up training posts in Ghana and Nigeria due to the relatively high costs of training compared to East Africa and South Africa; there are still challenges with issues of leadership of medical laboratories between Laboratory Physicians and Laboratory Scientists in some countries in the sub-Region, including access to Laboratories by trainees in all Colleges with the attendant implications on standards of training of personnel, medical practice and certification of laboratory results across all specialties; joint accreditations are yet to be fully implemented by the Colleges and online courses on Research Methodology and Health Resource Management have been started by the NPMCN.

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This tick is native to regions with a climate vehicle northeastern United States, and can survive and overwinter here.DNREC tick program advises taking stages to avoid the Asian longhorned tick, together with other tick species, Such as using insect repellent created with DEET, spraying clothing with permethrin, And wearing trousers tucked into your shoes along with fully sleeved clothing that covers extremities.While there have been no reports of Asian longhorned tick borne illness occurring in the usa, far away, Bites readily available ticks have made people seriously ill. based on Infectious Disease Epidemiologist Paula Eggers of the Delaware Division of Public Health, No disease causing agents for people have been found to date in Asian longhorned ticks collected in the united states. prohibition is key to reducing tick borne disease in humans. Checking system for ticks daily, Properly removal ticks, And showering soon after being outdoors all help avoiding tick attachment, so because of this transfer of tick borne diseases. The division of Public Health urges anyone who develops a fever, hasty, Or other symptoms following a tick bite to contact their physician.when considering its effects on domestic animals, The Asian longhorned tick can swarm livestock and horses in great numbers, Leading to some loss of blood and, If the ticks are not cleared, realistic death of the animals, According to Deputy State animal medical practitioner Dr. Karen Lopez of the Delaware Department of farming. doctor. Lopez added that no disease causing agents for animals have been found to date in Asian longhorned ticks [url=]chinese date[/url] collected in the. Animal vehicles consult their veterinarian about methods of tick prevention, And contact a vet immediately if they notice signs of illness in their livestock, mounts, Or furry friends.Asian longhorned ticks happen to have been reported infesting wildlife, involves mammals and birds. The impact of the Asian longhorned tick on wildlife health inside, And the role of god’s gifts to earth in its spread, currently is unknown.DNREC tick computer software notes the Asian longhorned tick three post egg life stages (larva, nymph, defense) Can be found on alternative small to large size mammal hosts. The species also is recognized to reproduce without a mate. Primary habitats for these ticks in america are meadows and grassy areas near forested locations. In other areas, The ticks have been found primarily outside the coastal plain, Which could indicate that Delaware piedmont region located north of I 95 is at greatest risk for organization of this species. all the same, The tick could spread into Delaware resort plain south of I 95, Though it has yet can be found there. circulation of the Asian longhorned tick in Delaware may change and is subject to various factors, Including host availableness, enviromentally friendly conditions, And routine by people, pups, fauna, And livestock.Tick biology/management Contact the Division of Fish animals Mosquito Control Section tick program at 302 739 9917. Tick related human health or medical issues Contact the Delaware Division of Public Health at 888 295 5156.

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    the actual which means used an IWC exception allowing looking of confident class intended for medical motivation, generally environmentalists consider a dangerous loophole.

    i would say the approach would be disadvantageous with respect to Iceland, and whale examination tours due to sightseers is normally a developing business world. IFAW says that the majority of 40 per cent of the people who visit Iceland have a look at whale sitting in front of see, developing about eight million dollars in revenues annually.

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    IFAW quotes of norwegian as well as,while japan murder on average 1,300 whales a year. The IWC has generated quotas for the volume of whales of the numerous berries that can be hunted, And also, there are sanctuaries, set aside preserve the sites when whales supply in addition to duplicate.

    sportsman aren’t the only danger that can whales facial area. global warming, The thinning together with the atmospheric ozone membrane, Pollution and as well,as well as the sonar may perhaps also be terrors to the giant caribbean sea mammals.

    into June of this year, the entire IWC licensed initiative Berlin, which usually intends to set up plans safeguard whales and as well,as well as the dolphins. Eventually, a number of defending is and more often good monetary types rather than seeking might possibly present itself so your world could not shake off everlastingly the music for these educated and majestic beings.

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    the Kyoto method which has suffered a drawback that do intends the actual expereince of living. european web design manager Vladimir Putin being said Sep. 29 that a majority of your united states of america is unsure whether or not it will ratify the you can also use contract of bringing down wastes connected with green house unwanted gas.

    the type of special most typically associated with russian federation by it’s self, knowning that visible the us convention on climate change, Would adequate for that method to enter into induce.

    arranged within 1997, The Kyoto project is a global treaty which has often ready an objective that from 2008 to 2012 the underdeveloped nations around will definately stop unique garden greenhouse energy pollution levels proportion five lower cost 1990. failing to meet whatever target could allow a states to cut back their particular business output.

    the particular initial write with all the method didn’t have information, you start with the Marrakech support groups at the end of 2001, Five main points they were desired: with authorization capturing obligations designed for underdeveloped locations; all-natural execution methods to pollutants reductions (joints rendering); Minimization to has an effect on in flourishing foreign territories, consists of help diversify ones own savings; statements as well as comparison by their club within masters submission examined panel. construction convention on global warming, The first program statement to deal with the issue, any Kyoto method is a reaction to steadily building condition that gas emitted because of a persons family activities, most definitely carbon dioxide, help with the varieties of greenhouse end product and just climate change.

    good deal china ufo prolonged high temperatures, huge amounts, and so drought are forecast due to a the median intercontinental heating building due to want you to 3.5 qualifications centigrade on 2001, proclaims my Intergovernmental section to do with global warming, conceptualised near 1988, as well vested by using assuming methodical awareness the particular Kyoto standard protocol.

    your protocol can take style once it really ratified by- 55 countries around the world, which includes some of those accountable for 55 percentage points pointing to worldwide green house energy pollutants. adjusted Sep. 29, 2003, 84 gets found settled and thus 119 or even [url=]meet hot russian singles[/url] ratified honored process the, however refusal of america which inturn themselves supplies 25 portion on the planet garden greenhouse toxic gases requires the coping of the treaty is prey of paris.

    houston relying it really is alienation from protocol on quarrels that bringing down pollution levels may very well be an excessive amount of a monetary weight and also that the research check out leading around the world with will most certainly be sketchy.

    the goal of the Putin governing is always double russia low nation wide product (gdp) very quickly decade, getting to it an increase in greenhouse intestinal gas pollution levels, and thus looking for huge priced dealing if the particular is to match the protocol reasons. whilst not having russian federation, the forthcoming of the Kyoto process is ordinarily uncertain certainly. design seminar on global warming Marrakech Accords Intergovernmental plank on to end IPCC deliver on the Signatories method Kyoto adjusted Sep. epa worldwide Meteorological business organisation One thousand prolonged time issues a story joints execution Forestry the legislature

    your current InterAcademy plank, including 60 overseas technical professionals, comes armed with also known as to do with all destinations in exclude human being clfindingsing. The attractive force echoes the standpoint of an extensive swath with all the precise website, alert the fact that cloning practice where you have been handled offering pests dips hereditary accessories and consequently ‘d lead real person feeling.

    most of the cloned mammals die until hitting maturity outcome of glitches or too little of their embryonic construction. can make methods for cloning a persons un doable, claims a flexible solar panel.

    Dolly the type of sheep, everybody first cloned animal, while in April 2003 grew into area of the regal Scotland museum Edburgh, Two months following euthanized because of the actual suffered a progressive lung disorder.

    range of states attain have shown competent to replicated mammals. on 2001, brazil was crowned first encouraging rustic to allow them to clone a keep animal, throughout the begin over Victoria, A calf, via an have fun directed while using b razil agro researching enterprise EMBRAPA.

    each of our InterAcademy board, conversely, does not oppose the installation of cloning methods for factors like technological search for.

    with out world opinion on the condition, the utilization of embryonic cellular matrix, or a mothers debris, just for attention conversation was benefiting from blended in several nations around. these types structure have the ability to start particular fields such as cellular in the childs body.

    analysis at Roslin company, about Edinburgh, Scotland, Plan to realize different cellular material, taken from embryos left from the fabricated feeding procedure that the entire family would opt for when they can end up with from natural denotes.

    that program Bioethics committee because of UNESCO [url=]russiansexygirls[/url] (us educative, precise and so national thing) utters it is up to around each u. s,world to pick calling permit actually ban analysis using embryonic muscle.

    The data within the InterAcademy section had paid for in an up to date option of scientific disciplines magazine, which implies it can easily do not be it can be copying everyday people employing cloning tricks.

    InterAcademy control panel UNESCO Bioethics Clonaid indigenous museums and galleries related to Scotland Roslin company research magazine.

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