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Civil Society Network Condemns Yekeh

The Civil Society Network of Liberia (CSNL) strongly condemns assertions from District 10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah against the Public Works Minister-designate, Ruth Coker-Collins.
The group believed that Representative Kolubah’s accusations against Madam Coker-Collins shows complete lack of respect for womanhood.
“His utterance against Minister Coker-Collins is tantamount to insulting the women of Liberia in totality and therefore it is highly disappointing that Representative Kolubah, who was elected to represent the interests of the people of his district has glaringly abandon said function, but have chosen to make frivolous accusations against officials of government,” the civil society network stated.
In a statement approved by the group’s Executive Director, Sensee Kiadii, the network classified the conduct and deportment of Mr. Kolubah as unrepresentative of a lawmaker noting, “To have resorted to making despicable assertions against Madam Coker-Collins, who is a resident of his district demonstrates the level of recklessness and irresponsibility on the part of a lawmaker.”
The CSNL who recognizes Yekeh as a controversial lawmaker further believe that he has completely lost track of his presence at the Legislature and added that the only achievement Yekeh can boast of as the 2023 elections draw closer is his constant insults and vulgar languages used on the Presidency and his colleagues in government.
The Civil Society Network of Liberia called on Minister Coker-Collins not to be distracted by Yekeh instead encouraged her to continue to carry out her roles and responsibilities without fear or favor in the execution of the Executive law of 1972.
The 1972 law, amongst other things, gives the MPW the mandate to adequately administer the engineering component of the State in terms of surveying, drafting/designing, construction and supervision, to improve and maintain, direct or by contract all highways, bridges, roads, streets, airport, seaport, and all other public infrastructure in Liberia.
“We commend the women of District 10 who stood up to condemn the actions of their Representative and urge other constituents of the district to join these well-meaning women in rejecting him at the polls in 2023.

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