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Bishop Simpson Supports UP-Boakai

The Principal/Administrator of the Haywood Mission Institute, and Presiding Bishop of the Liberian West African Council (35 Episcopal District), Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), is one of many to pledge support to the Unity Party Standard Bearer.

The solitary endorsement by Bishop Leo. M. Simpson took place Monday, November 6, 2023, at the Rehab residence of former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, as frank discussions to his election to the nation’s highest seat were held.

Bishop Simpson said the Endorsement of Boakai was the result of the resilient nature of the Unity Party front runner and his quest to improve the living conditions of the Liberian People, and also the educational structure of the country, which are compelling reasons for his endorsement.

He said he is of the conviction that a Unity Party-led government can revive the nation, and the hour of reckoning is in sight if Boakai is elected as President of Liberia, and that Liberia will regain its lost pride and a vibrant economy for the betterment of all.

He recounted the role former VP Boakai played in the land dispute between the Haywood Mission Institute on one hand, and the American Co-operative School (A.C.S) on the other, when his wisdom and skill of leadership brought the situation under control, which the Haywood Mission Institute benefited from with the construction of three gigantic annex structures, which the elementary division of the school is presently occupying for learning purposes.

Bishop Simpson described former VP Boakai as a selfless leader, one that puts the interest of the country and its people above his, adding that Liberia will regain her lost glory under a Boakai presidency.

In response, the Unity Party Flag Bearer thanked Bishop Simpson for the visit and endorsement, and promised to do the will of the Liberian people when elected on November 14, 2023.

He said his dream and vision for the country is to see the country get back on track to fast development and business by local and international partners.

He said this fast-developmental racecar will run so fast in transforming the country and the improvement of the wellbeing of the people, that it will be said that people thought we could not do it, but now it is done, by Liberians.

He said it is sad to see a country that was once a pioneer all of the good things, ranging from leadership, education, and stable economy, to open door policies for growth and development, lurking behind because of bad governance.

He vowed to bring back what is known of this land as sweet Liberia, God being his help, and called on all Liberians to get onboard this train by putting Liberia above party, tribal, or regional division, adding that Liberia will develop once those that have the country at heart are elected, and are made to account.

It can be recalled that the former VP once said that political parties seeking to provide leadership for the country must endeavor to demonstrate institutional and structural leadership, and not impose personal opinions, views, and decisions on people.

He urged Liberians to put aside their individual interests and differences and see the redemption of

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