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Indeed, Delays Are Dangerous! The Issues Surrounding Autopsy Reports

By Atty Philip N. Wesseh (PNW)

For the past few days, this paper has been running an editorial captioned: ‘”RELEASE AUTOPSY REPORTS TO AVOID SPECULATIONS” in which among other things craved” the indulgence of the Government of Liberia to make public the report in an untainted version to the public so that it relieves government itself from the widespread chinwag that the government or some of its officials have hands in the deaths.” It then ended by saying, “Indeed, the government needs to act with speed.”

Even though this paper has given its position on the matter for the government to act swiftly by releasing the results of the autopsies performed on the auditors to avoid the mountainous speculations, I decided to buttress this decision like in the case of the opinion of high court in which sometimes when the judges agree, some would do an addendum to buttress the majority decision.
Conversely, if some disagree they would state their disagreement by doing what is referred to as “dissent.”

The autopsies were the results of mounting concerns about the death of these auditors, especially so when it is highly believed that they were murdered, something for which there were calls for autopsies on their bodies.

The four auditors who died mysteriously

They were performed on more than two weeks ago by two internationally trained Liberian pathologists Doctor Benedict B. Kollee and Doctor Zoeborn B. Karterh on the remains of the fallen Internal Audit Agency Director General Emmanuel B. Nyensua, Madam Gifty Lamah, Mr George Fahnboto and Mr. Albert Peters of the Liberia Revenue Authority.

Unarguably, it was based on the public concern that the autopsies were performed on the four individuals by Liberian pathologists at the St. Moses Funeral Parlors in Gardnersville. Upon the completion of the exercise, the pathologists promised to present their findings in 14 days, something that has already been done.

Regrettably, since the reports were received by the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Justice, it is yet to make known the findings of these autopsies, something that is creating public concern, with all kinds of speculations.

The late Public Works Minister and Former Senator of Sinoe County Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan

Today, it is this delay in releasing the findings of these pathologists about these deceased officials that I have decided to buttress the position of the editorial. I am concerned about this delay as a communicator, in that if the people are not informed about the causes of deaths of these individuals, speculations would continue to abound.

It is often said that “delays are dangerous’ so it is with such a situation in which the government is dragging its feet in informing the Liberian people about these findings.

Sadly to note, we have a rumor-mongering society or one fraught with speculations and as such, if things are delayed, this would lead to unnecessary speculations or misinformation. Hence, the government should act now by releasing these reports. This should not be shouldered in secrecy or treated as a “ZOE BUSH” issue.

Justice Minister Musa Dean

Whenever transparency is spoken of, this is one of the clear example. To fall in such category, the government must be transparent in whatever it does.
It means doing things clearly or openly. It is the antithesis of secrecy. Its opposite, as we learned in science is “OPAQUE” that is, “ not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through; not transmitting radiation, sound, heat, etc. not shining or bright; dark; dull; hard to understand; not clear or lucid; obscure: The problem remains opaque despite the explanations.”

Unfortunately some people have a parochial view about transparency, which they only believe applies to financial operations. No! This is not all to it. It also refers to leadership. It simply means that the leader informs the people of whatever the leadership is doing for the people and also what the people need to know, like in this matter with the autopsy reports.

Conspiracy theory refers to “the idea that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of deceptive plots that are largely unknown to the general public.”

Furthermore, it is said that, “a conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event that claims it was the result of a secret and often complex and evil plot by multiple people.”

Also, it is said that “conspiracy theories and the conspiracy theorists who promote or formulate them often reject the standard or accepted explanation of unexplained or unusual events and claim that they are the doing of evil conspirators secretly conspiring behind the scenes.”

Minister Nathaniel McGill

And so in this case, where there are speculations and many conspiracy theories about the cause of deaths, it is imperative for the people to know the cause of death of their compatriots.
Another similar issue that is creating concern and controversy is the cause of death of Public Works Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan.

Some claimed it was the result of ”food poisoning,” linking some government officials. One of such is Presidential Affairs Minister, Nathaniel McGill, who this week rubbished this claim, pointing accusing fingers at some individuals in government for being behind this allegation to tarnish his reputation.

But my concern is that the cause of death of this Minster, who and I once lived in New Kru Town, is also with the government, but why can’t it divulge it to avoid all of these people linked to his death?

The fact of the matter is that, the government is in possession of his medical report after his body was flown home. Ghana, where he was taken for further treatment. Frankly, to remain mute or taciturn on this as the speculations heighten, would not augur well.

Again, let the Liberian Government make public the results of the autopsies performed on the four individuals, as delays are dangerous.


I Rest My Case.

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