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Lofa County Senator-Elect Gives Back

Lofa County Senator-elect Momo T. Cyrus has donated 300 bags of rice to elderly citizens and persons with disabilities in Lofa County, ahead of the run-off polls on November 14.

In a heartwarming display of compassion and community support, Cyrus has made a generous donation to the most vulnerable members of our society, the elderly citizens and persons with disabilities.

This philanthropic gesture underscores Senator-elect Cyrus’s commitment to the well-being and welfare of all constituents, regardless of social status.

The donation ceremony took place November 7, 2023, at the Thinker Village home of Cyrus, where a team of grateful executives of Team Cyrus received the donation for onward presentation to the actual beneficiaries in Lofa County.

Momo T. Cyrus, who, as a member of the Lion’s Club International, has long been an advocate for social welfare and inclusiveness, emphasized the importance of supporting those who are most in need during these challenging times in our country.

“Our elderly citizens and persons with disabilities deserve our respect, care, and attention,” he stated.

“This donation of 300 bags of rice is a small but heartfelt gesture to ensure they have access to a basic necessity, especially so as they prepare to go to the run-off polls on November 14. We must stand together as a community and provide for those who may find it difficult to afford,” Cyrus added.

This act of kindness by Mr. Cyrus serves as a bright example of leadership and compassion. It reinforces the belief that elected officials can make a significant impact on the lives of their constituents by putting the needs of every member of the community first.

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