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Weah Wants Liberians Foster Peace

By Alex Yomah

As Liberians celebrate this festive season, President George Manneh Weah has called on all citizens both home and abroad to foster peace and stability in Liberia. Speaking at the official lighting of the National Christmas Tree on Capitol Hill, which marks the beginning of the Christmas Season, Mr. Weah implored Liberians to reflect on peace here.
“Let there be Peace among us and Goodwill between us. And as we put the challenges of this Covid-19 year behind us, let us look to the future with confidence and with the hope that there are better days ahead of us,” he said.
Championing the peace talks further, Weah intoned that everyone needs to be resolved, and overcome all our difficulties and differences, and work together to take this Nation to a brighter future.
“Let me also remind you that the Coronavirus is still an ever-present threat to our health and well-being,” he reminded Liberians.
President Weah added, “I therefore urge all of you to be careful as you gather for your celebrations; take all necessary precautions, and strictly observe all health protocols as published by the Ministry of Health. We have come together once again to carry out a very important national tradition – the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. This ceremony marks the official beginning of the Christmas Season, when members of the Christian faith around the world celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
He said the lighting event, which took place over two (2) centuries ago, has always been commemorated as a time of joy and happiness, a time of fellowship and goodwill, and a time of peace. He further stated, “As we do so this year, we cannot help but reflect on the terrible devastation suffered by all peoples and nations of the world.”
He added, “In just this one single year, this plague has infected dozens of millions of people around the globe, and has caused the untimely deaths of tens of thousands of persons. And even though new vaccines have been developed recently that should possibly bring this pandemic under control, we are beginning to witness a second wave of infections that appear to be more deadly than ever before,”
However, the Liberian leader urged everyone to be thankful to God, that He has spared Liberia from the extremes of this global scourge.
The Liberian leader’s call for peace follows a nationwide midterm Senatorial Elections in which the President’s party was massively defeated in the majority of the counties.

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