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Weah Wants CDC Reclaim Mont. –As Veep Taylor’s Absence Was Noticed

By Alex Yomah

The Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Stadium with its surroundings was nothing compared to an  ocean view  as  supporters of the Coalition  for Democratic Change (CDC) were seen wearing blue outfits, demonstrating  support for the CDC’s Montserrado County senatorial candidate, Thomas Fallah, and District #9 By-Election candidate, Saah Frank Foko for the midterm Dec.8 election.

The gathering which brought over thousands of citizens together marked the official launch of the CDC campaign in Montserrado County barely a week after the National Elections Commission declared campaign opened. 

During the program,  supporters  witnessed the advent of   Liberia’s  financier, Samuel D. Tweah  and  the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs,  Nathaniel McGill  who led huge supporters  from separate  directions  trooping  to the Stadium.

Speaking at the campaign rally, President George Manneh Weah reiterated calls that Montserrado County is the stronghold of the ruling coalition, noting that partisans must exert all efforts to recapture the county.

The Liberian leader reminded partisans that there is no way the CDC can lose Montserrado County for the second time, stating that losing Montserrado would mean the downfall of the ‘almighty CDC’.

 President Weah stated further that Montserrado is precious to the CDC because it is the fulcrum of the CDC. “It is where I was born; and it is where the ruling party gave birth,” he said.

He lifted the hands of Rep. Thomas Fallah and Saah Foko as the party’s official candidates in Montserrado County for the ensuing Dec. 8 race.

Speaking earlier, sen. Saah Joseph encouraged  President George Weah to stay away  from  the 2020 senatorial campaign,  alleging  that Senator Abraham  Dillon boasted that the CDC  could put together  he with likes  of Acarous Gray, Mulbah Morlu, Jefferson Koijee he( Dillon)  will  defeat in any given elections.

“ Mr. President, you taught  us politics;  you took me from the refugee camp  to lead the George Weah’s vocational school;  you asked me  to contest in District 13  in which  I won; you again asked to replace you  to represent Montserrado County  which is leading today ;I was appointed as campaign chairman for Montserrado County 2020 senatorial    race and  I can assure Mr. President, we will expect nothing like a landslide victory,” Joseph said.

“I’m vowing that if CDC does not win this election, I will not contest in 2023,” Sen. Joseph asserted.

CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu also said on Dec 9, either he or Dillon will lose job noting that if he does not win to put Senator Abraham Darous Dillon out of job he  will resign as chairperson of the Ruling Coalition  for Democratic Change.

Also speaking, candidate  Thomas Fallah  narrated  his beginning  as  a  mere plank  seller  to stakeholder  is because  of President George Weah.

  According to him, the Liberian leader gave him his first  try as plank  seller in 2005  to  contest the representative  post  at a  time  when  he couldn’t  have afforded secondary  or tertiary school fees and he succeeded.

“He again has asked me to advance his confidence reposed in me to contest the ensuing Senatorial Election.  Mr. President, I will not let you down,” Rep. Fallah said.

According to him, if he wins, vowed to ensure government’s Pro-poor agenda implemented by promoting development, credibility, integrity, transparency and accountability.

 Meanwhile, Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor boycotted the official launch of the ruling party’s campaign launch. The Vice President was neither seen at her usual position nor was she mentioned anywhere in the program.

 This paper’s observation was triggered by the leadership of the CDC’s refusal to recognize Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor. Reason leading to VP Taylor’s absence was not revealed by authorities at the program.

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