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Sierra Leone, Liberia FIUs
To Sign Communique

The Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) of Liberia and Sierra Leone is expected to sign a joint communique that will create that workable partnership aimed at preventing and combating cross borders illicit financial trades.
The Director General of Liberia’s FIU, Edwin Harris, who welcomed his counterpart to Liberia expressed readiness to fulfill every useful component in the communique that is expected to be signed this week in Monrovia between the two members of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS).
Harris renewed call for straight adherence to every anti- money and countering terrorist financing regulations by every institution and individual in Liberia noting that national compliance in all sectors in Liberia could greatly help to improve the country’s image and prestige, thus attracting sustainable investors and investments.
Meanwhile, the Director General of Sierra Leone’s FIU, David N. Borbor, is appealing to political authorities in Liberia to continuously provide financial and technical support to their country’s Financial Intelligence Unit and other entities that are combating money laundering and terrorist financing.
Mr. Borbor elaborated that Liberia needs the passage of the new FIU Act and regular financial support from every political actor to help improve the country’s image after the second round of mutual evaluation by the Intergovernmental Action Group against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA).
According to him, the recent publishing of the National Risk Assessment Report (NRA) by Liberia FIU is laudable and timely to help the country become successful in technical compliance and other 40 plus recommendations outlined by the Financial Action Taskforce (FAFT) and GIABA, ahead of the second round of mutual evaluation.
He wants robust collaboration and coordination from all competent authorities that are working with Liberia FIU to prevent and fight illicit financial practices that are posing serious threats to Liberia’s financial system and image.
The Sierra Leonean FIU boss promised that his country is prepared to provide professional mentoring support and pieces of advice for Liberia, coupled with other lessons learned before GIABA evaluation of Liberia early Next year.

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