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Medica- Liberia Conducts 3- day Training
On SGBV With Magistrates, Others

By Grace Q. Bryant
Medica-Liberia is hosting a three-day Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and Stress Trauma- Sensitive Approach (STA) training for court officials to support women and girls through legal processes.
The training which commenced yesterday at the Lutheran Church Compound on 14th Street, brought together15 court officials including Prosecutors, Public Defenders and Magistrates from Montserrado and Margibi Counties.
The training will be held from October 11- 13 to raise awareness among protection network members, duty bearers, community dwellers, support group members, women and girls on legal processes and procedures relating to SGBV.
The outcome of the training on SGBV actors must be able to apply knowledge in supporting women and girls who are seeking legal redress allowing them to exercise their rights to live with dignity and in safety.
The main facilitator of the training, Cllr. Felicia V. Coleman, the former Chief Prosecutor on SGBV- CU, explained that the objective is to help build confidence and pave the way for better investigation, prosecution, psychological counseling and treatment.
She added that the training is to prepare SGBV actors to know their various responsibilities in prosecution investigation, treatment counseling and prevention of SGBV.
Cllr. Coleman stated further that the training will strengthen present coordination between SGBV actors to ensure better management of SGBV cases and develop knowledge and skills to enhance the management of SGBV cases.
She encouraged that in a sexual offense case, focus on the action of the offender highlights the atrocity that was done, adding that persuasion is permissible with arranged facts that could maximize their favorable impact.
Medica-Liberia, formerly Medica-Mondiale founded 2006, is a women’s rights organization working with affected women and girls in Liberia.
Medica-Liberia believes that media practitioners have not done well in fast-tracking SGBV cases in Liberia and as such, the group sees it necessary to work with them in making sure that cases of such are followed up and not leaving the public in doubt.
Medica-Liberia is a National NGO, women’s center organization that is working in four of Liberia’s fifteen counties and her works mainly focus on issues affecting women and how they can be eradicated.
Medica-Liberia works in Monsterrado, Margibi, Sinoe and Grand Cape Mount Counties.

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