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S.G. Cephus Diverts
Corkrum’s Ritualistic Allegation

She’s on a mission to get even with me for no justifiable reason; to God in heaven, I have never sat with Madam Corkrum at any level,” these were Syrenius Cephus exact words.
He added, ”I have never been in any relationship with her because even if I was greedy in my prime, she cannot be my fifth choice.
The Solicitor General who spoke for the first time on the allegations made by Ellen Corkrum involving him to ritualistic killing termed it as baseless and nefarious; lacks vision on her part.
SG Cephus also accused Bishop Kortu Brown, president of the Liberia Council of Churches and Kabineh Ja’neh of working on a propaganda scheme along with Madam Corkrum.
Recently, Ellen Corkrum accused the SG and others of demanding her to provide four virgin girls to a traditional herbalist in Guinea to help vindicate her from her dubious corruption scandal in Liberia and abroad.
But appearing on the Spoon network recently, SG Cephus denied that he ever had intimate relationship with Madam Corkrum and also claimed that he had never sat with her in an close proximity.
SG Chepus revealed that Madam Corkrum is not alone in this campaign and that the tape is a foundation of all issues in subsequent time she raised.
He maintained, “As chief prosecutor of Liberia, I don’t go after knowing people. I go after the facts and the legal basis to proceed to court. When I became Solicitor General, I read all the files we had on cases and all those indicted.”
”In 2016, when I got admitted to the International Criminal Court Bar, I went to the Hague for training and she asked to fly with me and I said no because I didn’t know where I was and additionally I was just going there as an inexperienced lawyer coming from Liberia. She insisted, but I refused,” he explained.
“I decided to appear on the Spoon Show to tell Liberians the names of people who are involved in such conversation have motives, either professionally, religiously, or ethnically motivated,” he barked.
Cephus further denied allegation of receiving money to drop the Nea Exeat Republica against her and as he claimed further and challenged her to produce receipt to her claim.
He furthered that if one person alleges against another person, there must be at least three witnesses to testify and provide testimonies and the evidence should be material to be able to convict that person.
Ellen Corkrum insisted that Cllr. Cephus also reportedly took thousands in an undisclosed amount of United States dollars in bribes in which her name was removed from travel ban which the SG had denied previously.
However, Madam Corkrum said her allegation will be proven before the ECOWAS Court of Justice instead because apparently she does not deem it fit that the matter be tried under the Liberian jurisdiction due to Cephus’ position in government.

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