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“NTA Driver Got Hit By A Rock”
-Police Reveals

By S. Siapha Mulbah (Cub Reporter)
The Liberia National Police (LNP) investigation is attesting that the injured driver of the National Transit Authority (NTA) bus, Jessy Gbatuah, was allegedly hit by a stone instead of bullet.
According to Police spokesperson Moses Carter, the investigation team who visited the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital where doctors had stabilized the victim said in his (Gbatuah) statement extracted to aid the investigation, he confirmed that he was injured as a result of a stone throw.
Mr. Cater explained that Gbatuah had been stabilized though he is still being attended to by the doctors.
In an attempt to disprove that the incident took place at the headquarters of the ruling Coalition, Spokesman Carter termed it as fake and misleading and added that the incident actually took place directly opposite the YWCA office in Congo Town; which is also a stone’s throw from the party headquarters.
Carter told journalists that the police is still investigating the matter and had not been able to apprehend any suspect in relations to the incident.
The police are calling on the general public to aid them in the investigation process with any information concerning the matter because according to him, it is an issue about life and it needs basic facts as well as proper scientific approach instead of mare perceptions.
Mr. Carter, however, said that the police will not uproot the social media post of famous Liberian activist Martin K.N. Kollie that the incident occurred as a result of a bullet shot at Gbatuah but will appeal to him (Kollie) to back his assertions with facts and all substantial evidence to make the police work smooth and easier.
The police also added that in the course of its investigation, it had been able to get to prominent officials of the ruling Coalition in connection to the event that resulted to the incident and those that participated in the event, their responses are that the aggressors were all unidentified.
“In such a case where the police were not on the scene, our investigation gathered pieces of information from those on the scene to at least get the reason for the act, the doers of the act and other relevant information that unearth the results” Cater lamented noting that another bus driver that stood directly behind victim Gbatuah was summoned and did appear with some related information that will subsequently be released to the public.

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