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Riders For Health’ Pledges Support To End Health Crisis

The ‘Riders For Health’ a non-governmental organization based on Monrovia, has pledged its support and continuous contributions to working with the Ministry of Health to fight the coronavirus disease that has hit the country and its population.
Speaking at a press conference on last Thursday, the Country Director of RFH, Joseph G. Mehdah, extended hand of cooperation and pledged to work along with the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) to combat the virus.
Director Mehdah said that Riders for Health runs two major projects that are integrated to the interior part of the health system of Liberia; the specimen of symbol transportation project is one project funded by the United States Central for Disease Control and Prevention that has been persistent for five years through the efforts of the program.
The Director explained that the United States Government through the help of (CDC) has awarded them with an additional five-year project to transfer these specimen across Liberia’s health system to the designated testing facilities therefore the other project is the fleet Management which is funded by the World Bank though the World Health Organization and that project takes care of vehicles especially ambulances around the country.
“There were times some of our ambulances around the country were down because of the challenges but with the funding we received in late December of last year 2019, we were able to put together our medical teams to bring back or restore some our ambulances for the Ministry of Health,” the director reiterated.
According to him, Riders for Health has always engaged the MoH recognizing its weak transportation and logistics; evidenced by the collaboration during the Ebola Virus outbreak in the country in 2014-2016.
”If you hear ambulances moving around the country, especially those that are operated by the Ministry of Health, they are all funded and supported by the Riders for Health Projects and this also applies in the response for the health system against the COVID -19,” Director Mehdah explained.
Director Mehdah further explained that Riders Liberia runs two related but independent projects to address the transport challenges and that the two projects work directly with the Ministry of Health in transporting specimen.
According to the director, the Ministry of Health sees the Riders’ activities as an integral component of the health system, as the activities reduces the strains on the Ministry by helping to keep the health workers motivated and providing real time and effective health care service delivery.

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