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Cummings Out Of Quarantine

Health authorities have released the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, from his quarantine hideout at the Palm Spring Resort in Monrovia.
Mr. Cummings who was quarantined upon his return from the United States of America (USA) where he had gone to attend a Board meeting recently set the records straight when he submitted himself to being quarantined after a public outcry that he was being self-quarantined having refused government’s quarantine request.
He said as a political leader of the ANC and a member of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) who is law abiding cannot do anything outside the protocols set up by health authorities for the safety and wellbeing of the larger population of the country.
In his clarity on his encounter with health authorities at the RIA upon his return from the USA, he was instructed to fill a form and his temperature was also taken and he subsequently drove his own car home; later he met another crew of doctors who to his outmost surprise informed him that a call had come in that he should not be allowed to be quarantined at his home instead be placed at a designated quarantine center.
He indicated that though he is cognizant of the fact that quarantine centers are not places for comfort rather it is for observation and emphasized that his quarantine hideout was good as he has access to both running water and electricity and assigned doctors who have been very professional in discharging their duties.
The ANC presidential aspirant added that he was attended to properly by nurses regularly both in the morning and evening but added, “I am just saddened by the fact that this government wants to politicize my situation when in fact that I did not refuse to comply with health protocols as it is being explained.”
He said even though the government was bent on politicizing his situation, his primary objective is to ensure that all Liberians are safe irrespective of their political affiliations or religious backgrounds in spite of the challenges that the country and the world at large are faced because of the coronavirus.
Mr. Cummings promised that as opposition leaders, they will hold the government accountable every steep along the way, looking at the economic consequences of the coronavirus, stressing that the citizens are struggling every day long before the issue of the virus and promised that they will continue to pressure the government to workout modalities that will reduce the economic woes the country is faced with.
Even though health authorities remain tightlipped on the release or health status of the ANC’s political leader but as Mr. Cummings walked out of that center yesterday with a health certificate as a proof of his freedom amidst heavy security presence, thanked all healthcare workers across the country for working to support the citizens and making sure that the country is safe and thanked his partisans for the prayers and show of love.
He said it is important that everyone follows the health rules adding that it is about life and death; the lives of families, friends and the society pointing out, “My pleaded with all of you is to respect the health rules and follow the social distancing protocols. Being quarantined was to set an example that everyone regardless of status everyone must abide. We must be a country of the rule of law. Let us follow the health guidelines and use the example to keep safe and protect yourselves and that of your families.”
“During these challenging times, donations will be made to orphanages to reflect our support for Liberian people and as I come out with my certificate, I promised to show good will to my people and the better way to do that is to show love beginning with orphanages and later carry out medical supplies to facilities directly; all I ask is that you stay safe and respect the protocols because it is for all of us benefit,” he stated.

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