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NEC Rules In Several Cases

The Board of Commissioners of (NEC), has issued ruling in the Rivercess County electoral dispute hearing case and granted motions in three other cases from the 8 December 2020 Special Senatorial Elections.
The four electoral dispute hearing cases are Rivercess County case; Steve Tequah, Independent Candidate, Petitioners verses National Elections Commission, first appellee and Willington Geevon Smith, second Appellee and in the Bomi county case, CDC, by and through Alex Tyler, Appellant Verse NEC and Edwin Snowe first and second respondents respectively. The two others are the Grand Gedeh County case, Liberia Restoration Party, by and through Thomas Yaya Nimely, Appellant, verses CDC, by and through Zoe Emmanuel Penneh, Appellee and the Maryland County case, CDC, by and through James Bannie verses H. Dan Marias, Independent.
The Board of Commissioners, (BOC) rulings today Monday 11 January 2021 in the Rivercess county case, Steve Tequah verses Willington Geevon Smith, the BOC ruled through its Chairperson Davidetta Browne Lansanah that a re-count will be conducted in 7 out of the 111 polling places in Rivercess County. Lawyers representing Independent Candidate Steve Tequah were praying that the BOC will order a re-count in all of the 111 centers across Rivercess county.
In the Bomi county case, CDC, by and through Alex Tyler verses NEC first respondent and Edwin Snowe second respondent, the BOC, through its Chairperson Davidetta Browne Lansanah granted the motion of Cllr. Amara Sheriff representing Alex Tyler, that the full minutes from previous hearings be served.
In the Board’s Ruling Monday, in the case, Liberia Restoration Party, through Thomas Yaya Nimely verses NEC, and Zoe Penneh in the Grand Gedeh county case alleging electoral irregularities, the BOC through its Chairperson Davidetta Browne Lansanah granted the motion for the full minutes to be given to appealing party.
The BOC, in the Maryland County case, with motion electoral irregularities, Dan Morias Independent Candidate verses NEC and James Bannie, the NEC’s BOC, through its Chairperson granted the motion for continuous as pray for by both lawyers, Cllr. Stanley Kpakaline and Charles Harris representing their separate parties.

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