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Dillon Threatens To Dismiss Driver For Assult

By Alex Yomah
Montserrado County, retained Senator, Abraham Darious Dillon, yesterday openly blasted his driver at the Legislature for reportedly using his official vehicle to beat on a Tricycle (kekeh) driver.
Stating the story, Dillon explained that while his driver was heading to his Capitol Building office, a kekeh driver, perhaps impeded their way due to mechanical fault right in front of his car and instead of his driver helping to remove the tricycle off the road, he disembarked his vehicle and started pounding on the kekeh driver.
Dillon said someone who was on the scene recorded the entire drama and forwarded the video to him which among other things, led to his intended action against the driver.
Senator Dillon was seen in an agitated mood, demanding his driver to return his vehicle’s keys to him followed by an open threat of dismissal.
“Woman’s medicine is another woman in this case because if you do this again, I will find another driver that will replace you so that you can know that I am serious,” Dillon sternly stated.
The Senator was seen showing fingers at his driver blasting, and alleged that already, people who he did not name are persecuting him for being against wrong doings.
He noted that if he were in his vehicle by then, the tale would have taken the airwave negatively, such as: “Senator Dillon Orders Peaceful ‘Kekeh’ Driver Beaten”, something he said he had warned most of his workers to desist from.

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