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Medica-Liberia Gives Preventive Equipment To Marketers, Others … Identifies With Cabral Estate Residents

Medica-Liberia, a non-governmental organization yesterday gave out several preventive items to the Old Road and Churgbor Marketers, motorcyclists and several health centers as well as the Kabral Estate on the Old Road.
The items which included several cartons of Clorox, powdered soap, water barrels and buckets for hand washing was the organization’s own way of identifying with the people who they claimed do daily transactions with different kinds of people, some of whom have unknown medical status.
The beneficiaries, including residents in the Kabral Estate where suspended Environmental Protection Agency-EPA Boss Nathaniel Blama resides, and have his home quarantined as of yesterday gathered in a palava hut to received their share of the items.
With officials from the Liberian Government giving them some health messages and at least admonishing them to remain calm, the residents appreciated the gesture from Medica-Liberia and promised to keep holding on to the World Health Organization-WHO and the Ministry of Health-MoH’s safety regulations.
An official of the markets only identified as Ma Mary lauded Medica -Liberia and called on others to do likewise.
“We are vulnerable; our husbands leave for works and hustle for the families; we are the one at home taking care of the children; we need to be careful, because if we are not careful, at least to protect our families, our lives will be at risk,” a business woman Musu Davis stated.
However, Health workers at the various including Hydro, PI Yea, Peace and the Old Road Churgbor Community Clinics expressed smiles while receiving their shares. According to them, their hopes were met as most of the clinics didn’t have the financial will to purchase those items which according to them were becoming costly on the market.
Meanwhile, Medica-Liberia Psychosocial Counselor Veronica R. Marshall who led the delegation from Medica-Liberia received commendation from the recipients for identifying with them. As she and her team members toured the Old Road Community, preaching messages of awareness of the danger of the Cov-19 virus poses to human, several women and young girls as well as men were seen standing at their various business places keenly watching, while a host of street boys known as Zogos followed the Medica-Liberia team perhaps to get their shares too.
As the team stopped opposite of the newly built Old Road market, several of those Zogos ran into them and made away with several cartons of Clorox and powdered soap intended for the marketers.
However, the team concluded the distribution and returned at their office on the Old Road.

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