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NEC Chair Nominee Challenges Accusers -As Confirmation Continues Today

By Alex Yomah

 The National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairman designate, Cllr. A. Adubusi Nwabudike has thrown out open challenge to those questioning his nationality to prove him wrong.

The NEC’s Chairman designate, Cllr. Nwabudike made the assertions when he appeared before the Senate’s Committee on Autonomous Agencies and Commission at the joint Chambers of the Liberian legislature.

NEC Boss designate has come under serious scrutiny over his nationality since his nomination by President George Weah to preside over country’s elections.

Responding to questions denying his nationality during the confirmation hearing yesterday, Cllr.  Nwabudike said he is a Liberian by nationality since 1982.

The NEC’s Commissioner designate also intoned that he was born 1962 to both Nigerian parents and naturalized as a Liberia 1982.

 According to him, his parents were Nigerian but had a lineage with his Liberian grandmother, Gola tribe, a decision that propelled him to obtain a Liberian nationality.

 Following cross-section of the witness and   thorough investigations over his nationality, Cllr. Nwabudike challenged any of his accusers to prove him wrong over his nationality, vowed to decline if proven.

The NEC’s Chairman designate, Cllr. Nwabudike challenge was in response to question posed to him by Senator Francis Paye of River-Cess County-asking him if the committee discovered that he lied or falsified to be a Liberian, the committee would have no option but to deny him.

 Despite the Nigerian born naturalized citizen open challenge, his entire CV submitted to the Committee did not include his controversial citizenship certificate even though he was informed consistently by the Chairperson to submit it.

The nominee apparent deliberate refusal to attach his citizenship certificate to document being aware of that, prompted  former Senate Pro-tempt Armah Zolu Jallah to file a motion to dismiss the hearing  to allow the NEC chair designate to  submit his citizenship certificate.

The debate for the nominee to produce his citizenship certificate lasted for roughly three minutes between members of the committee and other senators.   Following kitchen debates, the session was again called to order after the Committee’s Chair denied the motion filed by the former Pro-tempt.

 However, while debating over citizenship, the nominee was able  to present copy of his citizenship but the committee still requests for his certificate denouncing previous nationality.

 Meanwhile, there were claims and counterclaims between the nominee and the Cllr. Varney Sherman over his citizenship.

At certain point of the debate, Sherman questioned the nominee’s nationality citing serious requisite articles but what appeared to be a retort, the nominee said it would have been unfair to him for the senator to question his citizenship while alleging that Senator Sherman once recommended him as a Liberian lawyer but Senator Sherman refuted the nominee‘s assertion.

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