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Madagascar Gov’t Donates COVID-19 Herbal Tea

Madagascar’s President, Andry Rajoelina, has donated few boxes of herbal tea named COVID Organics to the people and government of Liberia as a means of helping African countries in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.
The consignment of a little over four boxes of the CVO herbal tea which are intended to help treat affected COVID-19 patients arrived in the country on Monday, May 4, from a representative from Madagascar to President George Weah and a high power delegation comprised of Health Minister Wilhlemina Jallah, Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill, and several others at the Robert International Airport in Margibi County.

Presenting the CVO herbal tea boxes to President Weah, the representative said the CVO herbal tea was made of a plant named “Artemisia” and has been used on several recovered COVID-19 patients in their country.
He added that the CVO herbal tea can cure the virus as well as prevent the human body from contracting it, noting that pregnant women, children below the ages of two and diabetic patients are strictly prohibited from consuming the CVO herbal tea.
Receiving the CVO herbal tea boxes, President Weah lauded his Madagascar counterpart for the gesture stating that it came at the time that the country is desperately in need and promised that his government will ensure that the CVO herbal tea will be used for its intended purpose, while at the same time urging the Minister of Health to ensure that the CVO herbal tea be consumed by every affected COVID-19 patients.
In remarks, Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill said that though the CVO herbal tea is not approved by World Health Organization (WHO), warned that the citizenry should not panic as the tea will also be consumed by government officials who are already positive of the virus at the 14th Military Hospital.
He added, “This is a herbal tea like our ‘jologbo’, lime tea and other traditional medicines we normally take in, whenever we feel sick; so I don’t think it needs to be approved by WHO before its consumption. Madagascar has already begun using it on their own citizens who have fallen prey to the virus.”
As it stands, Liberia is not the only African country to have received the CVO herbal tea, as Madagascar has also sent some consignments to 15 West African countries in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region.
Since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak on the African continent, Madagascar has to date registered 151 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 98 recoveries, leaving the country with no deaths to date according to Google COVID-19 alert online.
With Liberia reporting 166 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 18 deaths, and 58 recoveries, as of May 3, 2020, it now seems to be that the government had now been energized in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic through the help of the Madagascar government.

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