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Mont. Dist. Chairs Commend Bishop Donyen

Several Communities’ Chairpersons have termed as laudable the recent donations of some essential sanitizing materials by the Bishop of the Independent Catholic Church of Liberia (ICCL) which is geared toward the virus fight.
Speaking to this news outlet via mobile, Elder James Kamah, Chief of Elder Council reiterated that despite rumors emanating from the Township of Johnsonville and other communities that there was disagreements among residents of communities following the distribution of anti-coronavirus materials by Bishop Nimely Jacbokly Donyen, there are more commendations among the communities’ dwellers.
According to him, the effort of Bishop Donyen must be appreciated and admonished everyone to put aside politics and unite as one force so that all efforts are concerted and exerted toward the fight against the pandemic.
He then disclosed that some people believe that the establishment of the Elder Council is intended to remove Chairman Jackson Nyepan, Chairman/ Chairmen Council of the Township of Johnsonville from his position saying that they are the wisdom of the communities therefore they will be playing an advisory role not to seek the removal of anyone from his or her office.
He said that the Elder Council is comprised of Elders from various communities in the district so if they observe that a leader(s) is doing things that contravene his or her mandate, they would intervene by calling meeting in order to address the issue.
The Chief of Elder Council however clarified that they do not have any problem with the Chairman of the Chairmen Council and that their primary concern is about the development initiatives of the district as well as seeking the welfare of the people especially at this crucial prevailing health emergency in the country.
Other community Chairpersons who were interviewed also praised Bishop Donyen for distributing 180 faucet buckets, several cartons of tide soap and chloride to their communities adding, he was the first private citizen to have identified with them.
The Chairpersons of those communities which include James Gola, Chairman, City View Community Lower Johnsonville; J. Shannor Goe, Co-Chairman, New Israel Community; Ret. Captain Daniel Saye Menhnbiah, General Chairman, Du-Neezoe Ward, District # 2 Montserrado County also expressed thanks and appreciation to the ICCL Clergyman.
They however urged others who may be contemplating on donating some materials to the residents to please contact their various offices because according to them they know the locations of the people so that such distribution can be holistic.
Meanwhile, Chairman Nyepan, Chairman of Chairmen Council of the Township of Johnsonville has strongly refuted allegation that the Bishop gave cash along with anti-COVID-19 materials terming it as false and misleading.
He stated that he was at the site observing the distribution and that the materials were not presented to him for onward distribution to the residents rather the donor’s employees carried out the process using a prepared listing from the Bishop.
“The buckets along with the sanitizing materials were not intended for individual homes but for places where people usually converge like market places, churches as well as schools including Police Depots, youth groups among others,” he clarified.
Chairman Nyepan then assured the residents that he will not betray the confidence that they have reposed in him as their leader and that he is prepared to work assiduously along with his colleagues in order for them to engage the government through Representative Jimmy Smith for needed development projects coupled with addressing their plight.

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