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LICPA Boss Wants War Crimes Court

By Alex Yomah

The newly inducted president of the Liberian Institution of Certified Public Accountants (LICPA), Victor Tanwone, has joined other human rights groupings calling for the establishment of war and Economic crimes court in Liberia.
The establishment of war and economic crimes court is intended to ensure that justice prevails in any society in order to prosecute those accused of using their positions in government to commit economic crimes and other heinous crimes against humanity during crises.
Mr. Tanwone, who was inducted for the second term as president said in his inaugural message on Friday, March 26 that, members of LICPA should continue to uphold public trust so as to ensure integrity and fairness which among other things, are intended to gain investors’ confidence.
“As president for this integrity institution and for the singular purpose of upholding the tenets of accountability, transparency and Justice, I add my voice to the many voices calling for the establishment of an independent war and economic crimes court in Liberia,” he said.
“We, as professional accountants must endeavor to deliver quality service to clients and other stakeholders, observe all ethical requirements and continue to develop our competences. By so doing, we will create value, restore investors’ confidence and uphold public trust,” Mr. Tanwone told the participants.
The remarks were made during LICPA’s 10th inaugural program held under the theme “Redefining the Role of the professional accountant: value creation, restoring investors’ confidence and upholding the public trust”
The event also witnessed the official induction of the elected governing council members of the institute that are charged with the statutory responsibility to provide oversight and strategic direction to the institute.
It can recalled, LICPA was established through an Act in 2011 thus replacing and repealing the 1933 Act of the Institute of Certified Public Accountant limited.
This gave LICPA the statutory mandate to set, monitor and enforce accounting, auditing other assurance , education ethics and other professional standards of the general and specific application in Liberia; license qualified individuals and firms to engage in public accounting; and supervises the conduct of all persons, firms and individuals, engaged in public accountancy in Liberia.
Earlier, the guest speaker, Wilson Tarpeh, spoke on the integrity of the accounting profession and urged its members to at ensure fairness and strive for competence and at the same time, reminded them of the principles and ethics which as professionals, they must endeavor to achieve.
According to the professor, integrity in the accounting professionals’ honesty, “In our everyday work, we must always ensure to provide quality services in any given investments”

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