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Liberian Actress Sues Two Comedians For Alleged Damages

A photo believed to be both defendants from their Facebook page, a Liberian Actress residing abroad has filed a lawsuit at the Sixth Judicial Circuit Civil Law Court of Montserrado against two Liberian comedians, commonly known as Birth Certificate and Passport for allegedly assassinating her character.
According to Cecelia Kimber’s action of Damages for Label filed through her Attorney In Fact, Annette Brown before Resident Judge, J. Kennedy Peabody, she said 1st defendant Adolphus Gbehye alias Liberian Passport and 2nd defendant Robert G. Saye alias Birth Certificate were hosted on her Facebook platform show upon her return to Liberia on March 5th 2018 as special host in which she was viewed by many of her fans and supporters around the world.
Cecelia Kimber had since come to the entertainment spotlight in 2016 and won ten international awards including the latest as Ambassador of Brits Global Organization for Liberia & Guinea and DDEA Humanitarian Lifetime Achievement Awards in the USA. She won two local awards and has served as an actress and producer of fashion expert, a mother of three kids and founder of the maintain show always gave voice on her platform show to many in the African Industry and also uses her media ability to lead, educate and motivate many through her hard work and dedication.
She stated in her complaint that she was surprised to see an April 20, 2020 post from both defendants, Passport and Birth certificate on their Facebook page claiming that she (Cece) used their image on her
platform to generate GOFUNDME to make money from abroad and further claimed on their Facebook page that plaintiff requested second defendant (Birth Certificate) to have an affairs with her among other things.
The Liberian actress noted that the two comedians’ publication carried on its internet website was seen and read by thousands of fans in and out of Liberia was seen by thousands of people which has brought
harm to her hard earned character.
“Defendants’ post is a deliberate attack on the integrity and moral character of plaintiff and intended to disgrace, degrade and reduce her good name, character or reputation among her peers and friends and the public or international community at large,” she stated in her complaint.
Her lawsuit indicated that the entire posts and comments are totally false and defamatory as she has never been convicted of any such crimes as stealing but subscribing such to her name is a criminal offense and that both defendants should be held liable.
“Plaintiff further averred that the design and effect of the 1st and second defendant’s action was to bring mental harm, distress and injury to plaintiff, for such acts, the 1st and 2nd defendant is deemed in
laws to have committed libel per se and is therefore subject to damages and plaintiff so prayed to this Honorable Court.”
Plaintiff further prayed this honorable court for judgment against first and second defendants in the amount of USD 200,000 for damages to pay all costs and expenses plaintiff may incur as a result of
defendants’ malicious and false publications on the internet in these proceedings Meanwhile, the defendants are expected to file a formal appearance on or before May 23, 2020 before the Judge at the Civil Law Court.

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