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4 Opposition Parties Consolidate

By Bill W. Cooper
The four political parties of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) have consolidated an alliance through a ‘Framework Document that elected Alexander Cummings to serve as its chairperson for the next six months.
The four political parties are the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the All Liberians Party (ALP), the Liberty Party (LP) and the former ruling Unity Party (UP),
The four defeated political parties in the 2017 election joined forces to consolidate politically and hold the Weah-Taylor led administration accountable to its campaign promises.
At the signing ceremony held in Margibi County on yesterday at the Farmington Hotel, the ALP leader, Bonior Urey who served as the first chairperson for six months stressed that it had been difficult to get four different political parties with different political ambitions join together for the common good of the country.
He said the Collaboration has succeeded in achieving what the citizenry wanted them to achieve in its first six months and that Amb. Joseph Boakai had been very committed in rendering pieces of advices couple with his wisdom to get them where they are.
Mr. Urey then praised the newly elected chairperson, Mr. Cummings, for his level of leadership exhibited during his (Urey) chairmanship and stated that the ANC political leader has always made himself available and was willing to accept correction as well as make changes especially when there were some disagreements in the interest of the country.
Mr. Urey urged Mr. Cummings whom according to him has always exhibited leadership in ensuring that the collaboration gets stronger to continue to exhibit that kind of leadership as he takes on the mantle of leadership for the next six months.
The new CPP chairperson lauded the team for their resilient effort in ensuring that the Framework Document became a reality; noting that it is just the beginning of their journey in ensuring that the CPP assumes national leadership.
According to Mr. Cummings it will require a collective action to ensure that the contents of the document is a reality because it is not about them as political leaders but the country and the common good of the Liberia people.
He stated that there will be some challenges along the way as it will not be a smooth road but assured the partisans that in the end they will collectively prevail and be successful and reminded that his chairmanship will be collaborative as it will focus on building consensus to make political decisions.
Mr. Cummings then lauded the outgoing chairperson for his selfless leadership style exhibited and promised to build on the gains made by him while at the same time lauded the other collaborating opposition political parties for their confidence impose in him to lead the CPP for the next six months.
The Unity Party’s political leader, Amb. Boakai, said that the Framework Document is the manifestation of their commitment to ensuring that they unseat the government in the 2020’s senatorial election and the 2023’s presidential election thereby stressing that, “Government is not play-play but play-act; as I quote a phrase that says “Never sent a boy to do a man’s job.”
Also in remarks, the LP’s political leader, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence said the CPP is prepared and will continue to encourage other political parties to join them in ensuring that the rights of every citizen is not marginalized by a government who she believed is violating the rights of every Liberian and leading by exclusion and division in the country.
“We care that our country is grossly mismanage and corruption is at the highest level of the government, as well as women and children are being raped, abuse and violently disregarded with impunity; as the young girls and young boys are sexually molested and abused. The so-called “Change of Hope” is now creating hopelessness among our people as the government officials are being broadly hustling at the expense of our people,” the LP standard bearer alleged.

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