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Liberation Party Opens H’quarters In Grand Style –As Leader Vows To Serve All

By Bill W. Cooper
The newly established political party, the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has been officially opened and dedicated for political business.
The PLP newly renovated national headquarters is located opposite the YWCA in oldest Congo Town adjacent the Harvest Intercontinental Ministry formerly the Bethal Outreach Ministries.
Speaking during the dedication ceremony, the political leader and first partisan of the PLP, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell pledged to become a leader for all Liberians irrespective of his/her political affiliation, religious and tribal background when given the opportunity to serve the country.
“I say to you today, that I will be a leader and more of a servant for all Liberians than a slave master. I am here to serve all Liberians and not to enslave them. I am a servant and not a slave master. I want to help liberate all Liberians from poverty bad governance and bring about that change they long been yearning for,” he said.
Dr. Cassell in his remarks emphasized that he has already been blessed by God financially as such, his coming into the political landscape of the country is not intended to enrich himself at the detriment of the already struggling masses but instead to give Liberians hope that change will and has come.
He explained that it is time for every individual’s voice to be heard and that people in positions of public trust should be held accountable to work for the ordinary people and help develop the country, indicating that as a political party, they will endeavor to ensure that the marginalized, disenfranchised and poor are not repeatedly victimized by the political elites and cunning political actors/actresses whose sole aims are to gain government employment and to amass illegal wealth.
He however named the struggling economy, unemployment, Liberians still being consider as spectators in their own economy, the poor education and health systems, inadequate domestic resource allocation, limited qualified and trained workforce, poor service delivery and the most vulnerable and physically challenged groups among others as some of the systematic challenges undermining the gains Liberians have made as a nation.
According to him, In responding to the mamy challenges, the PLP which was established and certificated in December 2020, seeks to become the alternative political institution that will do all in its power by the grace of God, to liberate Liberians from economic degradation, education paralysis, health immobility and agriculture decadence through inclusive and democratic participation of all, irrespective of county, tribe, or social status.
He added, “The PLP core beliefs of diversity and inclusivity are based on the conviction that collectivism is the progressive path to move this nation forward. It is grounded in the six political tenets: Agriculture, Socio-economic, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Employment, and Infrastructure Developments, with emphasis on improving the Healthcare, Roads, Electricity, Water and Sewer, and Human Resource Development.”
The PLP political leader further urged all Liberians to join hands and ensure that the PLP assumes leadership in order to transform Liberia through collective and inclusive participation; to advocate for and defend the rights of the poor and underprivileged as well as to lift Liberians out of poverty through value addition agriculture programs and road connectivity in which Liberians will be the drivers and not the car loaders.

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