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Woiwor FC Changes Name

Following series of consultations with partners, players, technical staff, and administrators, Woiwor Football Club have now transitioned to Paynesville Athletico Warriors Football Club.

The official decision of a rename was reached on September 11, 2023 in Paynesville, at the climax of a day-long retreat, followed by a certification of players and technical staff.

Woiwor FC, now Paynesville Athletico Warriors FC, will be making its debut in the 3rd division for the 2023/2024 League Season, after an overwhelming performance during the last edition of the league which earned them a promotion.

A senior member of the club, N’Dar Gonqueh, told sports journalists at the climax of the retreat that the reason behind the change of name is to create an avenue for more partners to come onboard.

He said they want to change the phrase in Liberia of clubs being owned by individuals, which has over the years hindered the progress of many of them.

“In the case of ours, and most especially with the new dispensation of football, we officially transition from Woiwor Football Club to Paynesville Athletico Warriors Football Club, as a means of encouraging more partners and creating openness for everyone to come onboard,” Gonqueh narrated.

Also speaking to journalists, the head coach of Paynesville Athletio Warriors FC, Tommy Saha Lusine, said the move to have changed the name of the club will bring more partners onboard and help improve results in the future.

“I love the decision that we took because is just very difficult for a club to survive with the support of just an individual. The change of name means a lot for us and it will help to encourage more partners and support base will also improve,” Coach Lusine said.

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