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GSM Companies To Testify In Charloe’s Murder Case

By Grace Q. Bryant

Lonestar and Orange GSM Companies are expected to testify today at 10:00am in the ongoing murder case involving the former Chief Justice, Gloria Musu-Scott, and other relatives.

Judge Roosevelt Willie’s decision over the weekend was based on the application filed by prosecution Lawyers requesting the court to issue a Writ of Subpoena Ad Testificandum on the GSM Companies.

According to the application, the call logs were testified by Prosecution Witness Inspector, Eddie Koffa Kun, specifically on the Lonestar and Orange GSM Corporations, so as to bring persons from the Management to testify to the call logs.

Additionally, they requested the court to issue a writ of subpoena ad testificandum on the two GSM Companies, that is Lonestar and Orange, relative to the telephone numbers of the four defendants, the numbers are: 0886-529-330, 0886-511-697, 0886-512-940 for the period of February 21, 2023 to February 23, 2023 and 0777-185-106, 0777-142-113,0777-646-863, 0775-081-446, 0777-033-004,0779-229-900, 0776-632-470, 0777-142-656 and 0777-200-494.

According to prosecution’s 16th witness, Inspector Eddie Koffa Kun, the request for the call logs was made when the defendants said their telephone and iPods were all reportedly stolen from the incident.

“The call log on March 1, 2022, was requested by the City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, and the call log marked 128 was requested for by one of the security guards, Zion Tarr, this is the call log marked 137 requested for by Pastor Alvin K. Kissie, neighbor, the call log marked 140, which was requested for Officer Moses Wright, one of the security guards assigned at the former Chief Justice, call log 151 requested for Varlee Telleh from the Monrovia City Police, this is call log marked 162 requested for Godson Y. Kollie, a relation of the former Chief Justice, this is call log marked 64, requested for the late Charlotte Musu, this is call log marked 60, which was requested for Defendant Getrude Newton, this is call log marked 50, which was requested for Defendant Gloria Musu Scott,” the witness revealed.

Witness Koffa Kun noted that the other call logs are numbered but no name indicated to know which of the log they are attached to.

“There were some call logs that were not named so I cannot outrightly identify them without names,” witness added.

When he was asked as to what the findings were, as it relates to that opening, he answered, “The only opening established by the investigators was a space created through the window bar of the guests’ room, where defendant Wisner slept, and was created by the Security Guard as per instruction by defendant Newton, accordingly to allow them exit the premises on the night of the incident.

Judge Willie asked, “Mr. Witness, as an investigator and you among others who proceeded to the sleeping quarters of the Defendants’ premises; are you confirming to this Court and the jurors that there is only one illegal opening at the premises of the crime scene? He answered, “There are several openings, that is a door leading to the sleeping quarters, which is backed with wooden and iron doors, and according to examination, that is the only entry or exit from the sleeping quarters in the building, apart from that which was created on the night of the incident, upon the instruction of defendant Newton.

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