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Opposition In Muddle Over Endorsements …As NDC Suspends ‘Purported’ Youth Chair Indefinitely

By Laurina B Lormia (Intern)

It appears that the overflowing of endorsements has placed more confusions in opposition political parties and made strange bedfellows.

Unprecedented among them is the dramatic twist of events ongoing in the All Liberian Coalition Party (ALCOP) and between some opposition political parties and their members.

Like for ALCOP, for several years or what could be its niche is that it is known to be a religiously and culturally-driven political party wherein its members do not publicly resist their leaders regardless.

But that is not the case as its Vice Standard Bearer, former Representative Matthew V.Z. Darblo in a called press conference did not only pledge his support for the CDC, but withdrew his support from ALCOP.

Darblo announced his withdrawal and support subsequently when ALCOP which came 4th place in the October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative Election, with the total votes of 35,988 representing 1.96% was pledging its support to the Unity Party (UP).

While the party was announcing its endorsement for the election of former Vice president Joseph N. Boakai of UP for the Nov 14 2023 run-off election against George M. Weah, its former Vice standard bearer was headed in the opposite direction.

On Thursday, Nov 2, 2023, ALCOP announced its endorsement of opposition Boakai, at an elaborate program held at their party headquarters along the Japanese Freeway.

The Party’s Standard Bearer, Lusinee F. Kamara, highlighted in his endorsement speech that the primary focuses of the party are promoting justice, ensuring human rights, and addressing governance challenges.

He stressed the importance of social security services, economic policy, and investment opportunities.

He further said that ALCOP strives to improve Liberia’s national budget, increase the quality of education, and provide sustainable jobs and programs for youths.

Additionally, the party, according to its Standard Bearer, aims to improve development within the country, namely; electricity, communication, safe drinking water, health care delivery, transportation, and ensuring good road connectivity for all Liberians.

Speaking further, Kamara said that their collaboration with the Unity Party (UP) will ensure a collaborative campaign strategy, with vigilant and hardworking poll watchers to protect and secure the victory of Unity Party in the run-off election.

Kamara stressed, “As we get closer to the run-off election, ALCOP has gathered support through intensive consultations that have enabled us to generate brilliant ideas from party officials, traditional elders, and partisans, who made the best of decisions for us today.”

He concluded with a declaration, saying, “Fellow Liberians and partisans, we the officials and members of the All Liberian Coalition Party hereby endorse the presidential bid of the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Amb. Joseph Nyumah Baokai.

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) has with immediate effect suspended one of its cadres Romeo Fahnbulleh for allegedly acting as the National Youth League chair while declaring support for the re-election of Weah.

NDC, with no vagueness categorically stated that at no point was suspended cadre Fahnbulleh appointed or elected as youth chair of the NDC, a position he purported to have held prior to his suspension.

The NDC clarified that as part of the party-political leadership training culture, Fahnbulleh was one of the cadres who periodically attended “Cadre Training” and given youth-related assignments both within and outside of the NDC, but doesn’t liken him to being the youth chair.

The NDC said in accordance with Article 18, of its coalition revised protocol has mandated its grievance and ethics committee to investigate suspended cadre Fahnbulleh and recommend an appropriate course of action to be taken by the NDC National Executive Committee.

The NDC cautions the public, most especially the Unity Party Alliance parties not to grant an inch of latitude to suspended cadre Fahnbulleh in the name of the coalition.

The NDC statement, in conclusion, reaffirms its commitment to the election of Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai and Jeremiah Kpang Koung under the Rescue Mission of Liberia and states that the re-election of Weah will further nourish the existential threat to Liberia’s democracy as being experienced under the CDC regime.

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