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Gbarnga-Mendekoma Road
Project Gets More Funds

Government is reported to have secured funding for the Gbarnga to Mendekoma Road project.
Though the amount secured additionally was not disclosed, the Superintendent of Lofa County, William Tamba Kamba, told the media that by the additional funding secured for the pavement of the Gbarnga-Mendekoma road, the project will reach fruition.
He told the local media in Voinjama recently that government’s commitment is to ensure that the Gbarnga-Mendekoma road project is completed.
Kamba assured the people of Lofa that the government under George Weah is doing everything possible to ensure that the Gbarnga-Mendekoma road project is completed and is the heartbeat of the county.
He pointed out that when completed the Gbarnga-Mendekoma road will help boost social, economic growth and development in Lofa.
Kamba emphasized that Liberia is not currently feeling the agricultural impact of Lofa County, especially when it comes to the production of rice, Liberia’s staple food and other cash crops, because of deplorable roads.
The report said residents of the county are experiencing difficulties and suffering because most of the foods Liberians consume, especially Liberia’s stable rice, are imported.
Kamba then expressed optimism that when the Gbarnga-Mendekoma Road project is completed, the poverty and suffering that Lofians and other residents are currently experiencing will be reduced.
He however asserted that Lofa is blessed and endowed with fertile soil and therefore, Lofians and residents of the county should make maximum use of the many opportunities in the county.
Meanwhile, Kamba then cautioned Lofians and other residents of the county, especially the youths, to focus their attention on meaningful ventures such as making large farms, undergoing vocational training, among several others, that could help improve their livelihoods as well as make them productive citizens.
He also urged them to be willing, prepared and ready to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of Lofa County and Liberia at large.
In a related development, Kamba is calling on Lofaians to continue to rally support for the CDC Government to ensure that it succeeds in its developmental drive.
He praised health authorities and workers and Lofians as well as other residents of Lofa County for their significant impact in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 in the county.
Kamba indicated that although Lofa County has not yet been declared free of COVID-19 by health authorities, he was impressed with the level of cooperation of the citizens, residents, and health authorities and workers in the significant improvement in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 virus in Lofa County.
He said although there is significant improvement in the fight against COVID-19, there was need for citizens and residents to observe all preventive measures to ensure that Lofa County is declared totally free of COVID-19 by health authorities and partners.

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