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Amos Brosius Frowns At Liberia’s Justice System

By Sam Siapha Mulbah (cub reporter)
A Liberian businessman and a minority shareholder of the Ducor Petroleum Inc, Amos K. Brosius has expressed disappointment at how the due process of law at the Temple of Justice is ruined by ‘big characters.’
According to Mr. Brosius, the Justice system in the country is showing some signs of disappointments that might undoubtedly lead the country to lawlessness due to the bad dispensation of Justice.
He explained that for the past nine years, he has not been served his right to equal Justice as a citizen of Liberia but has been mocked by authorities in the Judicial Branch of Liberia.
His claims came after the Commercial Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia on Monday ruled against a Bill of Information filed by his legal team in the case involving the Commercial Court’s Chief Judge, Eva Mappy Morgan.
In the Bill of Information, Brosius prayed that the court order the return of US$3,300,000 withdrawn from his Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) account by the respondent.
Mr. Brosius revealed that the court placed a stay order on the account, but later Judge Mappy Morgan ordered the LBDI to lift the stay order, thereby describing her action illegal and a total violation to the court’s order.
In the ruling of the Commercial Court, it denied the Bill of Information filed by informant Brosius, because according to the court, the Informant’s request for the court to consider the lifting order by Judge Mappy Morgan on his frozen LBDI account is illegal and is not within the filing for the Bill of Information.
The court opined that it is the duty of the court when making final determination on the petition for accounting all funds, assets and liabilities of the parties in the case, noting that all that were brought under the jurisdiction of the court including the banks are subjects of the petition for accountability.

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