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“Consummate Tribalist” -CDC Youth League Descends On Sen. Konneh

By Bill W. Cooper
The National Youth League of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has described as ‘tribal card of divisiveness’ a statement from Senator Amara Konneh about appointments in government.
Recently, the Gbarpolu County Senator provided a statistic on his official Facebook page about the number of appointments made to ministerial posts by President Joseph Boakai.
Senator Konneh noted that the Liberian leader has not so far appointed a single Muslim in his government.
But the CDC Youth League Chairperson, Emmanuel Johnson, said they are extremely concerned with the new wave of divisive rhetoric that has been heralded by Sen. Konneh.
He explained that the lawmaker, who is a ranking member of the governing Unity Party (UP), is religiously and regionally insensitive by questioning the latest appointment by the President.
“Such a statement brings fresh memories of our dark past, where we have the ULIMO -K, ULIMO -J, Lofa Defence Force, NPFL, INPFL and warring factions founded to defend certain religions, tribal, and regional affiliations,” Johnson noted.
According to him, such acts of incitement by Sen. Konneh were some of the contributing factors that led the country into 14 years of civil unrest.
Johnson narrated that Sen. Konneh, who hails from a minority religious group (Muslim), should be a man who endeavors to promote peace and unity, instead of beating an early war drum.
He maintained, “We fear that the Kissi people or Lofains might be offended by this as well and feel threatened by the statement of Amara.”
“And it is important to note that the regional and tribal divisive rhetoric is creeping gradually and Senator Price Johnson is another individual involved into such habit.
So, it is scaring and worrisome to be hearing such statement coming from a man who participated in Liberia’s heinous crimes, including the murdering of a sitting President,” he said.
“It is troubling for Sen. Konneh to show a semblance of division by beating the war drum, talking about which tribe or religion is more viable than the other in the Boakai-led administration,” the CDC Youth League Chairperson asserted.
Meanwhile, Chairman Johnson also emphasized that Sens. Konneh and Johnson would be held liable if Liberians detest any form of looming tribal or religious conflict in the country.

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