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Sinoe County: “Boakai’s Rescue Train And The Quest For Superintendent”

By B. Weh Pyne


As the ‘Rescue Train’ led by President Joseph Boakai embarks on its objective to rescue the country, the people of Sinoe find themselves pondering with an equally crucial question: Who will be appointed as the Superintendent to spearhead the rescue mission and lead the county to prosperity?
Among the several names circulating the corridors of discussion, Cllr. Sylvia A. Tarley, with her legal expertise, community engagement, and dedication to public service, stands as an excellent choice to spearhead the rescue mission in Sinoe.
Before delving into her profile and the reasons that make her the best choice, it is essential to understand the concept of rescue, the role of a rescuer, and why Sinoe needs such an intervention.


Rescue, in the context of governance and community leadership, refers to a concerted effort to improve the conditions of a region facing challenges or crises. It involves appointing individuals with the skills, vision, and dedication to navigate complex issues and lead the community toward a better future.

Who is a Rescuer?

A rescuer is an individual who possesses the qualities and capabilities necessary to address the unique challenges of a community. This person should have a deep understanding of the community’s dynamics, a commitment to public service, and the ability to implement effective strategies for development. The rescuer is to lead with integrity, transparency, and a genuine desire to uplift the lives of the people they serve.
Let’s now view Cllr. Tarley’s profile and see if she is qualified or fits the description of a rescuer.


Cllr. Sylvia A. Tarley is a Liberian politician and a successful businesswoman who has established and overseen the operations of couple of companies and charitable foundations in and out of Liberia.
She earned degrees from esteemed academic institutions, including a Master’s Certificate in Government Contracting from The George Washington University School of Business in Washington, D.C., USA. Additionally, she earned a Juris Doctor (JD) Law Degree from New York Law School in Manhattan, New York, NY, USA, and a Master of Public Affairs with a specialization in Public Management from the American Institute of Commerce in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Her diverse background as a politician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist reflects her dedication to contributing to the development and welfare of her local community and the broader Liberian society. Her continued involvement in various sectors underscores her ongoing commitment to fostering positive change and progress.

Vision for Sinoe County:

Madam Tarley has outlined her vision for Sinoe, ranging from providing honest and trustworthy leadership to uniting the communities for peace and sustainable development.
Others include promoting agriculture for food security and wealth creation, empowering citizens through job opportunities, focusing on youth development, and empowerment through education.
Additionally, building healthy communities with access to healthcare, sanitation, and ensuring access to justice and equality for all citizens are all part of her vision for the county.

Previous Projects in Sinoe County:

The Liberian politician has caried out several projects such as payment of tuition for Sinoe nursing and healthcare students, providing scholarships for Sinoe University Students Association members, and empowerment of over 780 individuals with farming tools and employment opportunities in District 3, Sinoe County.

A toilet constructed by Madam Tarley

She also constructed townhalls, palava huts, and guest houses, supply and installation of solar streetlights, as well as the construction of the southeastern Motorcyclist Association headquarters, pending completion this year.
In addition, she renovated the Voogebadi High School building and classrooms, while also constructing concrete blocks to extend the school facility.
Another of her projects, the solar streetlights

This comprehensive educational and professional background, coupled with a track record of impactful projects, places Madam Tarley as a dedicated leader committed to the development and well-being of Sinoe County and its residents.

How is Madam Tarley Perceived Among Sinoe Residents?

Madam Tarley stands as an adored figure among the residents of Sinoe, earning admiration for her compassionate and approachable personality. Within the community, she is not merely seen as a political figure but regarded as a loving and caring leader who takes the time to listen to the people and extends a helping hand.
To the youth, both young and old alike, Madam Tarley is hailed as sympathetic and approachable, a figure of compassion that sets an example for others to follow; this sentiment is passionately echoed by several residents.
Among students, farmers, and motorcyclists, Madam Tarley holds a position of high esteem due to the substantial assistance she has provided to address their needs. She is perceived not just as a political figure but as a loving mother, daughter, aunt, and friend – reliable and trustworthy partner. This emotional connection has fostered a strong bond between her and the community, solidifying her status as a leader who genuinely cares about the well-being of Sinoe’s indigenes.

The Need for a Rescuer:

Sinoe, one of Liberia’s oldest counties, stands at a critical juncture, facing challenges that have impeded its progress in infrastructural, social, justice, and skills development. The lack of coordination and unity among leaders and residents has further exacerbated the situation, putting it in a need of a rescuer, a visionary, developmental, and unifying leader who will address the divisions and propel the county toward prosperity.
The county needs a superintendent who can rise above personal differences and prioritize the well-being of the county and its indigenes. This rescuer should be a unifier, capable of fostering collaboration among leaders, youth groups, and civil society organizations.
The ideal rescuer must possess a vision for Sinoe’s future, with a focus on fostering unity, promoting development, and empathizing with the needs of the citizens. The ability to establish and maintain cordial relationships with other county leaders, including members of the legislative caucus, is crucial for effective governance.


The residents of Sinoe look to the President for an appointment that goes beyond personal interests and prioritizes the well-being and development of the county, one that can lead Sinoe towards a brighter future, fostering a sense of unity and prosperity for all.

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