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Chambers Wants Bills Fast-Tracked

By Bill W Cooper
House Speaker, Bhofal Chambers has called on members of the House of Representatives to endeavor and ensure that significant laws that are still in committees are tracked with speed and efficiency.
He also mentioned that they, as lawmakers are more focused and fully prepared to work with the international parliamentary bodies that include the ECOWAS and the European Union constructively during this year and beyond.
Speaker Chambers made the assertion yesterday, during the official opening of the 5th session of the 54th National Legislature in line with Article 32(a) of the Liberian Constitution, at his Capitol Building office in Monrovia.
Article 32(a) states: “The Legislature shall assemble in regular session once a year on the second working Monday in January.”
Additionally, he said, “Colleagues, having ended the year 2021 with more human-sensitive legislations been enacted, with others still in committee rooms, we wish to further plead with you, that we, with speed and efficiency, endeavor to ensure that significant legislation or laws yet to be passed are fast-tracked.”
According to him, as they begin another year of service to their various constituents and the country, it is once more incumbent upon them to put the interest of Liberia first and above all other interests.
Speaker Chambers intoned that they need to collectively erect perceptible and durable platforms of constructive aspirations, genuine hope, tangible possibilities, and realistic optimism, noting that they are under serious obligation to initiate said task for this generation and the next.
He further stated, “With such cause in mind, I am of the strongest conviction that you, my esteemed Lawmakers, will become modern architects of the Nation’s transformative agenda.”
“For our various constituencies and constituents, we wish to once more assure you of a better Legislature in this 2022 as your trusted deputies or representatives. We faithfully promise to do our utmost best to ensure that our Nation is positively transformed into an oasis of hope and palpable optimism,” he vowed.
Speaker Chambers further maintained, “We also pledge to maintain the spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and coordination with the other two branches of Government for a stable, peaceful, prosperous, just, and safe Liberian society, where the rights and responsibilities of all are properly balanced.”

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