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“Bad Leaders”
-DPPL Describes CDC, CPP

By Bill W. Cooper
Ahead of the 2023 General and Presidential Elections, the Democratic People’s Party of Liberia (DPPL) has strongly lambasted the Weah led-government for what he termed as ‘failed and poor leadership’ style rendered since his ascendency to the Liberia presidency.
The DPPL also frowned on the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government for its deliberate failure to address the huge wave of mysterious killings in Liberia; something he said is now causing Liberians across the country to live in constant fear.
Appearing as guest yesterday on Fabric FM in Congo Town, the DPPL through its Acting National Chairman, Rev. David G.B. Kiamu noted that looking at the status quo, there is an urgent need for government to take the security of every Liberians seriously as well as bring to justice Liberians who may have been found guilty of taking away the lives of other citizens.
Commenting on the recently passed Budget and other national issues, the DPPL Acting Chairman among other things stressed that the Budget was only prepared to benefit those in power and not the ordinary Liberians as being perceived by Finance Minister and others.
According to him, major allocations within the budget are only intended to take care of the government officials’ salaries, purchase new luxurious vehicles as well as pay for their expensive and extravagant life style, noting that nothing substantial within the budget benefits the ordinary Liberians’ well-being/well-fare.
He also emphasized that there is an urgent need for the CDC led-government to do everything in its power to ensure the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.
The DPPL chairman who also publicly declared his party’s fullest support for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court in the country, stressed, “Any person or persons who do not accept the setting up of the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia is against Liberia’s progress and development.”
Meanwhile, the DPPL is at the same time calling on the Weah led-administration to do more in helping the ordinary people by providing the enabling environment to enable them provide for them and their families including the refurbishing of rural schools and give incentives to teachers who teach in rural Liberia.
“It is time for President Weah to take charge of the office of the President and not to delegate his responsibilities to his Ministers of State or Finance this year. We also recommend that government makes no significant changes at the National Elections Commission (NEC) now as we move towards the 2023 election,” Rev. Kiamu intoned.
In a related development, the DPPL has also criticized the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) and the Peoples Liberation Party (PLP) for its failure to portray themselves as a better alternative for Liberia ahead of the 2023 elections thus describing them as “bad leaders” wanting to lead and loot Liberia.
“These are all bunches of unserious jokers and play boys like the ruling CDC that cannot even control and unite themselves as small as they are but yet they say they want to lead a country with 15 counties. We from DPPL are calling on the Liberian people to reject them and the government for a better and prosperous Liberia,” he averred.

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