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Cassell Dedicates 3 Bridges In Bong Mines

By Bill W. Cooper
A Liberian humanitarian and the political leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Daniel E. Cassell, has dedicated a three newly constructed bridges in the tone of US250,000 for residents of Larkay-Tar and Cinta Township in District #4, Margibi County.
The colorful event which took place over the weekend, brought face-to-face the Town Chief, John Barwoe, the Township Commissioner, George Cooper, Dr. Cassell and his entourage including community residents, women grouping, motorcyclists and pedestrians among others.
The dedication ceremony also witnessed what appeared to be a rousing welcome accorded the PLP team from community dwellers predominantly older women and youths, as they were seen jubilating and escorting the PLP political leader and his party officials to Larkay-Tar Township where the official ceremony was held.
The overjoyed residents of the Township were also heard chanting pro-Cassell slogan, while others were seen holding placards with the inscription; “We thank you Dr. Cassell for the bridges; our savior Cassell has come and thanks for the scholarship opportunity you have given and continue to do for our children and district” among others.
Speaking when he officially dedicated the bridges, Dr. Cassell who is also the Founder and CEO of the Cassel Foundation, emphasized that the three dedicated bridges will help ease travelling in the township especially during the rainy season.
The PLP political leader maintained that he has not come to Liberia to be President or looking for a retirement job but to instead, give back to his country something he said it is God who has directed him to do so.
According to him, over the years, politicians have chosen to exploit Liberian voters for their own selfish political interest, indicating that he has come to help liberate Liberians from abject poverty to prosperity.
He added that even though his parents hail from Lofa; he could have chosen Lofa as a county to direct his resources and development initiative but he rather choose to invest in Margibi County because he was led by the spirit of God to do so.
“My people, I am here to help liberate you from poverty. Your have suffered for too long from failed, selfish and greedy politicians whose aims are to enrich themselves at your detriment,” the PLP first partisan averred.
Dr. Cassell intoned, “My main aim and objective in Liberia is to give back to my country with what God who is the source of my wealth has blessed me with. I am not looking for money anymore or retirement job but an opportunity to help give a life that Liberians have long yearned for since its founding.”
He then urged citizens of the Township to take ownership of the bridges and ensure their proper maintenance, adding, “This is just the beginning but if you take good care of these bridges, more of this including other developments are expected to come your way in not too far distance.”
Earlier, giving an overview of the project, the PLP Vice-Chair for Administration and Finance, Tapple E. Doe disclosed that the construction of the bridges came as a result of the difficulties citizens and pedestrians, especially farmers have to go through in getting their produce to the market and other parts adjacent.
According to him, having witnessed the difficulties citizens are faced with; it was when he decided to build the bridges intended to bring some relief to them in District # 4, Margibi County.
He added, “Today is indeed a historic day for residents and pedestrians of this Township because after several years, since1982, our people will now move from one town to the other; from village to village and other parts adjacent freely because of the help of our father and vision bearer, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell.”
“These three bridges we are dedicating today which is the first of its kind within this part of the county, will bring total relief and satisfaction to our people and farmers, and with this, more is expected,” Mr. Doe emphasized.
In remark, Town Chief, John Barwoe and the Township Commissioner, George Cooper including several residents of the Larkay-Tar and Cinta Township expressed their gratitude and joy to Dr. Cassell and his team for bridges which according to them has brought total relief to them, especially making their movement to nearby towns and villages facile during the rainy season.
Commissioner George Cooper on behalf of the Township pledged their unflinching support in working with Dr. Cassell for the fast development of their township, thereby pleading with him to continue to help their children with scholarships to enable them achieving higher education.
Meanwhile, several residents also expressed their disappointment and frustration in the County Superintendent and the District Representative for their deliberate absenteeism from the dedication of the bridges stating that their decision is anti-democratic.
However, this paper has reliably learned that the district is said to be represented by Rep. Ben Fofana of the four Collaborating Political party (CPP) as reason(s) behind his absence is yet to be known.

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