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Land Border Conflicts In 3 Counties Deepen …As Pres. Weah Sets Up C’ttee

By Alex Yomah

President George M. Weah has announced the setting-up of a special committee comprising of elders, chiefs and members of the legislative caucuses of Maryland, River Gee and Grand Kru Counties aimed at settling the continued border impasse.
The border conflict among the three counties has resulted into the deaths of several people despite government’s intervention, which is aimed at resolving the long existing conflict that is causing the deaths of citizens.
President Weah made the disclosure on Friday, February 25, 2021 during a town hall meeting in Barclayville, Grand Kru County which is intended to appreciate citizens for reposing confidence in him and also listening to their plights.
President Weah said it was unfortunate for citizens of both counties to engage into conflict that subsequently led to the deaths of good citizens.
“The chiefs, elders and officials need to intervene now into the land and border dispute. United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) left us and it’s important for all of us to maintain the peace because without peace, we will not develop our communities and the country at large,” President Weah appealed.
“Mr. President, we have several problems ranging from land border dispute and tribal conflict. The conflict is from one community to another. We have been protecting our county amid River Gee and Grand Kru’s constant attack,” Maryland County Superintendent George A. Prowd said.
Superintendent Prowd added that despite these provocations of war, citizens of Maryland County continue to exercise maximum restraint and focus on promoting the peace for the good of Liberia.
Superintendent Prowd said citizens of Maryland County have been keeping the peace over 40 years with neighboring counties despite the forceful removal of their citizens who have been living in Behwen for years and engaged into intermarriages which citizens thought would appeal to their consciousness.
“We thought that the intermarriages and co-existence over the years would end this long conflict, which we considered as brothers and sisters but to no avail. Though our citizens are at home, but are in full disenchantment due to lack of access to their belongings and farms,” Superintendent Prowd narrated.
Superintendent Prowd said the citizens of River Gee County, Fish Town have become equally provocative because of the discovery of gold in Matee Town, Behma Town and others within the proximity of the boundary with Grand Kru County.
“We are still kind because of the motherly love we have for these people. We parented all of these people both Grand Kru and River Gee Counties. One would then wonder why such ingratitude,” Superintendent Prowd stated.
He said there’s a need for serious intervention from government, while lauding Minister Sirleaf for his continuous intervention over the time which has led to maintaining of the peace.
It can be called that the Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf, during the heat of the conflict in December 2020 intervened, but it appears that serious attention is needed by stakeholders to address the situation.

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