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Archie Ponpon Appreciates Weah

Archie Ponpon, the self-immolated human rights activist, says he is thankful to President George Weah for his intervention in ensuring that experts are brought into the country to perform his surgery and restore his physical look.
Ponpon who should have gone to Ghana for surgery since the incident which has left him partly deformed, said “I think the President for his personal intervention to improve my health.”
“Let it be known that the President has taken the initiative and responsibility to have my operation, the surgery done and it is 75 percent completed,” Ponpon stated.
He explained that Dr. Kelvin Strathy has already completed the surgery on his eye and is expected to complete the surgery on his mouth and his entire face in a couple of weeks adding, “So I want again to thank the President for his personal initiative to restore my health.”
It was released that Ponpon was on his way to Ghana to have his surgery performed but to the dismay of himself, he was stopped at the RIA for not having on his person certain document and on his facebook page the fortnight ago he wrote, “Imagine flight tickets and hotel reservations, doctors, all other expense set only to be stopped at the airport and today no food and money with me. I will hide whatever I suffer.

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