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Where Is MCC’s Varlee Telleh?
…As Cllr. Scott’s Family Speaks Out

Cllr. Jerome Verdier told Spoon online that the Mayor of the Monrovia Jefferson Koijee escorted Varlee Telleh across the Liberian-Ivory Coast border through Nimba county but report reaching this paper says, the latter is presumed to be dead.

According to the former Truth and Reconciliation Chairperson, Verdier, early Saturday morning, Telleh was made to escape Liberia for any potential prosecution amidst mounting calls for an impartial investigation into the attacks on the home of former Chief Justice, Gloria Scott early Thursday, February 23, 2023, which left one of her daughters dead.

Verdier had for the past days been making startling revelations on Spoon Talk from his exile abode thereby disclosing that Police made four arrests and that the suspects now in its custody are not the perpetrators terming the police actions as travesty of justice.

He called on the Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue to do more to ensure that the perpetrator whom he has since identified as Varlee Telleh, is brought to justice.

Meanwhile, the family of Cllr Scott in a press statement released yesterday for the first time said, “We wish to make it clear that when the two previous attacks took place, there were no contractors and interestingly, the attackers did not take any valuables.”

“We are however inclined to believe that had the premises of any current government official or a former official with some level of interest been attacked, the government would have taken action to avert what happened to us. But it is for the public to judge this and several other similar cases of murder that have happened in our country in the last few years,’ the family lamented.

“They searched every document they could lay hands on, giving us reason to believe that the attacks which resulted into the death of a promising young woman were also meant to recover some documents they perceive or believe Cllr. Scott had in her possession,” the family expressed.

Describing comments made by the police as insinuation, the family stated that it clearly suggests to them that the Police knew the facts and circumstances even before beginning any form of the investigation.

The family said what is important to note also is that since the third attack, gruesome murder and taking away of former Chief Justice Scott’s personal laptop and phones, which again was reported to the Police on Wednesday February 22, between 10 to 11pm, there has been no arrest made instead when the Police arrived on the scene, they took away the two private security officers and a male family member identified as Uncle Chumu.

“Following the last two attacks, and seeing that government did nothing to provide any form of protection for the former Chief Justice and her family Uncle Chumu had decided to be spending the nights with us to help keep watch along with the Private Security. These three men, to the best of our knowledge are still in Police custody,” the family explained.

The family said all they are aware of is that, “On Friday, February 24, Police spent several hours with our son Godson Kollie at our 16th Street residence, under the guise of taking statement from him. After their many hours of interviewing Godson, they took along with them the Electricians (Contractors) who had come to our 16th Street residence to receive pay for the electrical work they did on our Brewerville residence.”

“Our family’s biggest question is What has former Chief Justice Scott and the Musu Family done to warrant all this? We firmly call on the government to investigate this and bring the perpetrators to justice,” the family stressed.

The family insists that they will not hesitate also, to call for the help of the International Community through the diplomatic missions to ensure that this is not swept under the carpet adding, “We are also baffled by what seems redundant, the deployment of Police after we have cried for help in vain and forced in a situation we can never forget.”

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