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Zeon Town Leadership Finally Inducted

The Zeon Town Community, located in ELWA, Paynesville on Sunday, May 31, inducted a new leadership to serve for the next three years.
Those inducted were Caroline Caranda, Chairperson; T. Magnus Gayflor Sr., Co-Chairperson; Aaron Willie, Secretary General and Jestina T. Davies as Financial Secretary. Mrs. Cherue Jackson Washington and Pastor Moses Garway were inducted as Treasure and Chaplain General respectively.
The Montserrado County Electoral District # 6 Representative, Samuel R. Enders serving as induction officer called on the newly inducted officers to take the mantle of authority with caution as the challenges of serving humanity were enormous.
He specifically called on the newly elected chairperson, Caroline Caranda, to focus her attention on peace and reconciliation in the community and forget about gossips, hate messages as well as other things that have the propensity of dividing the residents.
“People who said Rev. Enders has not visited Zeon Town and I knowing fully well that Zeon Town was one of the communities which supported me, I had to listen to them and now chose to come to the community. I apologize to the community for coming late and explaining to them what we have done and now I am asking them to please allow us to work together,” he stated.
“Although, the elections brought some level of division, it was good for everyone to come together and work for the up-liftment of the community. On that day I was informed that Zeon Town had already put an election commission together and I was also informed that parties was already formed and that Zeon Town was going to elections. I did not know who were contesting but I was excited that our community was moving forward. I was excited that people in Zeon Town were coming together and that the interest of the community would be resolved,” he stated.
Immediately following the administration of the oath of office, the Chairperson, Madam Caranda used her inaugural speech to call for calm and urged all residents of the community including those who contested along with her but were defeated to join hands in moving the community forward.
She also called on the residents mainly the females to see her as a symbol of peace and a goodwill ambassador who has come to mend the broken wounds, emphasizing, “I am one of you. I am your servant and I can’t drive this vehicle alone. I need your supports so that we all win together.”
“This journey which we started four months back was not all easy; there were some days that I wanted to quit, but your faith in me kept me going. We want to assure you that this tasks will not be taken lightly,” she stated.
She promised financial packages in the form of empowerment for women and support for residents of the community.
The Ethics and Grievance Committee Chair, Abednego G. Dahn making remarks said, although the process was tedious, but the outgoing leadership was able to handle process till the end.
Meanwhile, a day to the induction of the newly elected officers of the community, what appear to be a fight occurred between the outgoing chairperson David Bryant and the defeated candidate, Chris Nyantee.
According to eye-witnesses’ account, on Saturday night, Chairman Bryant while on a motorcycle at about 9:30 P.M., he was allegedly attacked by Chris who claimed that the outgoing chair had played a role in the election thus favoring Madam Caranda who is now his successor.
Also the bystanders’ account is that when Bryant disembarked the motorcycle, someone tried greeting him by referring to him as ‘former chairman’ but Bryant responded by saying that he was not former rather he was still the legitimate chairperson until the induction is held; something that sparked the confusion.
It was than according to the bystanders that Chris allegedly ran after him in anger attacking him allegedly with punches which led to serious fist fight between them. When our reporter arrived at the scene, it was said that Rep. Enders had earlier already taken those involved to the ELWA Police Station.
The case is said to have been resolved by the office of Rep. Enders and the Liberia National Police at the ELWA Depot. The understanding is that Chris who sustained injury by losing one of his tooth will be treated at the ELWA Dentist Clinic, while Chairman Bryant whose mobile phone was partially damaged was relieved to go home.

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