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Yekeh, LNP Sackor Clash

Serious scuffle ensued on yesterday between Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah and the Deputy Inspector General Liberia National Police (LNP), Marvin Sackor when Yekeh’s driver attempted using the third lane.
The commotion took place around the Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank) in Sinkor thus preventing the free movement of pedestrians from Paynesville to Monrovia cities respectively.
According to eyewitness, the incident started by 10:20 A.M. when the officer Sackor tried preventing the Yekeh’s official vehicle from using the opposite lane while en route headed toward central town.
The eyewitness account said Rep. Kolubah who was not on the scene made a phone call to Sackor informing him that the vehicle in question belonged to him (Yekeh), but Sackor insisted that the vehicle should be impounded on grounds that Yekeh insulted him along with President George M. Weah while they were having the telephone conversation.
Minutes after the exchanges between the two government officials, Sackor then instructed some of his LNP officers to arrest the District #10 lawmaker and it was at that time that some citizens believed to be staunch supporters of Yekeh, who had then appeared on the scene, tried resisting his arrest on grounds that he was in no violation for using the opposite lane while on his way to work.
The eyewitness said Representatives Josiah Marvin Cole and Fonati Koffa as well as the LNP Inspector General Patrick Sudue tried to intervene by pleading with Sackor to allow Yekeh leave but Sackor did not renege on his decision and at that point some lawmakers expressed dissatisfaction in the action of the LNP terming it as a complete disrespect to their office as the direct representatives of the people.
This paper later learnt that both men were taken to the LNP headquarters for settlement of the matter by the IG Sudue and that Sackor was made to render an apology Yekeh, something which amicably settled the beef.

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