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“Vote of No Confidence” Awaits Margibi Lawmaker, But…

By Edwin G. Wandah
Several citizens of Electoral District #5, Margibi County are threatening a vote of no confidence against their lawmaker, Rep. Clarence Garr.
The citizens’ decision stems from the outcome of a mass citizens’ meeting organized by the Gibi Development Association (GIDA), which was held on Friday, June 26, 2020 in Worn, Gibi, where the citizens expressed frustration over the failure of their lawmaker to have at least paid them a visit to abreast them with some of his legislative works since his ascendency as their lawmaker.
They further accused the lawmaker of failing to identify with them in most of the developmental initiatives undertaken by them.
In his opening speech, GIDA’s Chairman, David Bryant called on his citizens to speak their minds void of fear as according to him, the continuous absence of the lawmaker, Rep. Clarence Garr, has caught their attention, something which they believe is adversely disturbing and unacceptable.
“We called you here today for us to discuss the importance of our district; every time we assemble here to discuss pertinent development issues, our lawmaker is always absent, so today is the time for all of you to speak your mind,” he stated.
Worn Youth leader, Omega B. Zulagair and Minnie Menyongai representing the women separately called on the citizens not to take the behavior of the lawmaker for granted.
Omega is at the same time calling on the young people to take to social media in exposing the deeds of the lawmaker, while Minnie wants the women to support the process of a no confidence vote.
Paramount Chief Peter Bainyou, Rev. G. William Lemuel II, District Superintendent of the United Morning Star Church of Liberia separately called on the citizens not to be moved by the rhetoric of the lawmaker.
Paramount Chief Bainyou for his part wants the citizens go by the Constitution in their quest for a vote of no confidence, while, Rev. Lemuel II, warned the citizens not to repeat the same old mistakes by electing someone who is not from Gibi.
For his part, former Margibi County Senator David Menyongai is calling on citizens of Gibi to attach importance to the call for the lawmaker to respect them.
Elaborating further on the importance of the lawmaker to visit the district at least to keep them abreast with the workings of the legislature since assuming that office, Senator Menyongai said that the failure of the lawmaker shows complete disrespect which he believes can’t be accepted, adding that too many excuses have overwhelmed the process in getting Rep. Garr to attend any meeting.
He called on the citizens to hold together in unity as there is strength in unity. “Let’s work together; there is strength in unity,” he stated. “Let’s work together, the level of hatred should stop,” he added.
For his part, the Chief Elder of Gibi, Joseph Tuahn has branded the lawmaker as a liar. According to him, several times Rep. Garr had promised to come to them but had failed to do so.
He begged his citizens to reserve the vote of no confidence, but should cite him to an urgent meeting. He said, if the lawmaker fails, then the action of vote of no confidence can be taken.
Meanwhile, when he was contacted, Representative Clarence Garr denied the citizens’ claim, terming it as false and misleading.
Speaking via cell phone on Sunday Rep. Garr branded GIDA as a Monrovia-based group of people who are bent on fermenting discord in the district.
“This is not true, I don’t know any group called GIDA; these are Monrovia-based group who don’t even visit back home,” he stated.
“I am in constant communication with my people. I visit them frequently and I don’t know where this allegation is coming from. This is false and misleading; these guys are Monrovia-based,” he stated with fury.
The lawmaker said, when he received a call from the President of GIDA, David Bryant to attend a meeting on that Friday, he told him that he was incapacitated and that the meeting should be postponed, but to his utmost surprise, the meeting was convened.

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