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Twist In Alleged Fraudulent Land Deed At Probate Court

A twist has emerged in an alleged fraudulent land deed that is currently on trial at the Monthly and Probate Court at the Temple of Justice but the complainants have file a new Bill of Information before the court.
This alleged fraudulent act is said to be wrapped around one of the nephews of the late Dr. Thomas G. Koon, an educator and Philanthropist who died on April 20, 2019.
Victoria B. Koon and her brother, William T. Koon, who are believed to be children of the late Dr. Koon are now taking issues with their cousin, Mr. Lawrence S. Tweh who is also believed to be an employee at the Ministry of Education.
The Bill of Information currently before the court states that, “A bill of Information will lie where the informants seeks to acknowledge the court about certain material information that is required in forming its judgment or certain material information that had been deliberately withheld from the court by the opposing party.”
The Bill of Information is calling the court’s attention about a recent argument held in open court among legal counsels where Tweh’s lawyer argued that his client is not in the possession of any letter to administer the affairs of the late Dr. Koon’s estate.
On the contrary, the children’s legal representation filed the Bill of Information praying the court that on May 30, 2019 a letter of administration was used out of the same court and that same was registered according to law in volume 05-2019 pages 00001791 by the National Archives to which they have receipts indicating that Mr. Tweh also exercised control over the properties by issuing receipts in his name.
In a recent argument to dispose of the law issues surrounding an alleged Will believed to be in the possession of Mr. Tweh for which the children believed is intended to deprived them of their late father’s property; their lawyer argued before the judge emphasizing that it was faked.
He argued that the Will which initially captioned, “The last Will and Testament of Dr. Thomas Gesae Koon” surfaced after the purported distributions of the properties of Dr. Koon with different title called Roosevelt G. Anderson and conflictingly referred to Dr. Koon as testator while Mr. Tweh is presenting himself as the administrator of the properties.
The court is expected to hear the Bill of Information on today Friday, May 22, and if proven true that Mr. Tweh is in possession of the letter of administration, the court may be left with no alternative but to revoke his letter.

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