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Suspected COVID-19 West Point Resident On The Run

A resident of the Township of West Point who is suspected to have developed symptoms of the virus, is reportedly on the run while her husband and children are now being quarantined by the health authorities.According to the report, the lady whose name was not mentioned and is believed to be in her 40s escaped from her community which has been reported as one of the communities that is recorded of confirmed cases in Monrovia.
The Head of the National Health Institute of Liberia, Dr. Mosoka Fallah, made the disclosure on Monday when he informed the public through a local radio station thereby warning or appealing that everyone goes for testing when he/she feels unwell.
Dr. Fallah said it does not augur well to get others infected with the virus knowing fully well at the moment that there is no vaccination or cure for it; explaining that when the information about the lady was provided the health team, an ambulance was sent to her house.
“She is playing hide and seek with us. Whenever she turns her phone on and tells us that she is at a certain location and the ambulance goes there, she is nowhere to be found; something she has done to us on many occasions,” he narrated.
About burials, Fallah said those who succumbed to the virus are being laid to rest at the famous Disco Hill burial site which was identified for the dead as a result of the Ebola some years back.
On testing, the NPHIL’s boss indicated that there are enough testing centers based upon which members of the public are asked do voluntary examination so as to know their status.

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