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McGill Explains Last Contact With Mobutu

By Alex Yomah
The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, has dispelled report circulating in the media that he poisoned the late Mobotu Vlah Nyenpan at his Ministry of Public Works office.
Minister McGill’s response came in the wake of claims that he was angry with Minister Mobotu for Road Fund.
Following a heated argument and the same day the Minister collapsed. McGill’s critics accused him of poisoning the food the Minister ate on that fateful day.
Minister McGill, making the clarity during a well-attended press conference held at his residence yesterday, indicated that it hurts him for people to malign his character due to hate, to link him to death of his closest friend Mobotu Vlah Nyenpan.
“Mobotu is the President’s closest friend before coming into government and was one of my best friends in the cabinet. It hurts me, but hurts the family who is going through pains and agony,” Minister McGill said.
Minister McGill however blamed some top officials of government and opposition for plotting with an intent to erode his hard earned reputation.
According to him, he is gathering information about officials who are linking information to opposition to malign his character noting that those behind the assassination of his reputation will be made to account for it.
Speaking on issues surrounding his last meeting with the Minister as well as eating dinner with Minister at the Ministry of Public Works, he clarified that a heated debate ensued over the road project fund which the late Minister objected to the amount charged per kilometer and perhaps the PPCC had another version, which among other things, McGill admitted being infuriated.
He said following the heated debate, McGill reportedly called him and Samuel Tweah in his conference room followed by others which among others, a well prepared food came for dinner.
McGill wondered why he had to be accused of poisoning his friend in a prepared food. “I don’t even know who even prepared the food, ”he lamented.
“When I went to the ministry, I neither requested for food nor ate with Mobotu. We were about 25 persons in that meeting. Yes, I ate some of the food but did not know who cooked that food,” he clarified.
The Minister said he was told that the food was prepared by Paris Bar & Restaurant that is said to be situated in Sinkor Monrovia.
“How will I kill someone that is closed to me and someone that is pushing the Pro-poor agenda? I feel hurt for someone to malign my character due to hate,” he noted.
He admitted that some Ministers in government are angry with him because of his work as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs. According to him, some of them feel that he is working contrary to his function, which among other things prompted their anger thus leading some of the misinformation spewed in the public against his person.
He said what hurts him most in life is the issue of accusation of him killing another person. “It hurts me because I have not killed a fly in my life. Lie on me for difficult things but don’t lie on me for killing because I have not killed a fly before. If you don’t know me, ask my parents,” he challenged.

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