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Margibians Too Highlight Challenges For Weah To Solve

By Alex Yomah
As citizens continue to heap challenges they are faced with at President George Weah, residents of Margibi County were no exception as they too highlighted challenges; though some might not be solved in his one-term reign.
Key on the youths’ agenda were the purchasing of a 50-accre of land intended for agricultural purpose to encourage the young people to get involved in agricultural activities as well as the President’s support to enable them improve their dreams and aspirations.
During the town hall meeting with President George Weah during his citizens’ engagement, the District Youth Chairperson, Naomi Knights, spoke on behalf of the youths while for the Christian Community, Rev. Stephen Dahn asked the President and the Legislature to enact what he called stringent drugs or non-bailable laws with an objective of reducing the influx of drugs in the country.
Rev. Dahn’s resentment was due to the manner and form illicit drugs are damaging especially the young people in Liberia with Margibi County not excluded.
According to him, the intake of drugs is killing the future leaders and recommended that stringent action against drug dealers can only be taken through a strong drug law so that both traffickers, users and even those colluding can be punished.
The Women group was represented by Side Cassell who buttressed the religious community’s point regarding the usage of illicit drugs and rape cases in Liberia and said the women of Margibi County are seeking Weah’s attention in tackling the issue of rape which is prevalent in the Liberian society.
In response, Weah vowed to do all that was asked of him and expressed gratitude for the confidence the citizens of the county repose in him to have voted him as the President of Liberia, noting that Margibi gave him 64.5 percent of their votes.

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